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What are the reasons why Clivia doesn't bloom? Four common reasons for Clivia not blooming

Clivia has the temperament of a gentleman and the elegance of orchid, which has high ornamental value. Today, I'd like to explain to you why Clivia doesn't bloom? How often do I need to change the pot soil and other related issues.

What's the reason why Clivia doesn't bloom

First, the flower age is not enough

In general, the flowering of Clivia should reach more than three years of plants, 12 leaves above, then it can be regarded as an adult Clivia, then it has the possibility of flowering.

Second, insufficient fertilization

Many friends raise Clivia, only know to watch, do not know fertilization, do not know what fertilizer. In fact, Clivia has five or six leaves a year, which consumes a lot of fertilizer. In spring and autumn, the growth season of Clivia needs to apply nitrogen and potassium fertilizer. You can use the cake fertilizer water, soybean water, organic fertilizer and so on you retting to give it to Clivia, once or twice a month. It can make its leaves fat, broad and oily green.

In autumn, when the monarch orchid changes pots, you can add some bone meal as the base fertilizer. Supplement it with 1-2 times of scale potassium fertilizer every month, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate or huaduo No.2. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer promote flower bud differentiation and make it bloom.

If the fertilizer is not enough, it is easy to cause the phenomenon that the Clivia and flowers can't come out with swords.

Third, temperature difference

If Clivia wants to bloom, it needs to go through a period of low temperature treatment, that is to put it at a temperature difference of about 10 degrees. For example, 20 degrees in the daytime and 10 degrees in the evening last for a month or so. In fact, it can be placed by the window. If you have been growing in a constant temperature environment, then the Clivia will not differentiate flower buds, it is not good-looking.

Fourth, light

Clivia needs enough light to bloom. In fact, in the growth peak period of Clivia, we should always give it enough light. Be sure to shade it in summer and keep it in a cool place. When the light is enough, the Clivia will bloom.

In addition, the soil for Clivia should be loose and permeable, and the basin soil should be changed once in about a year or two. When watering, it should be dry and wet. Do this, then the conservation of the Clivia will bloom.