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How to make an appointment for the Lantern Festival in 2019? What's the deadline for admission

Beijing Palace Museum can be said to be the most fashionable online Red Museum among all museums. A few days ago, the Forbidden City did another pioneering work. The Forbidden City will be opened in the evening for the first time. This evening's opening is to hold the Lantern Festival of the Forbidden City in 2019. People will make an appointment for admission. This Lantern Festival is the first time for the Forbidden City in 100 years. Then how to make an appointment for the Lantern Festival? When is the deadline for admission? Please refer to the following for details.

Night view of the Forbidden City

On the 15th and 16th of January this year, the Palace Museum will be painted three times for the first time, becoming the 'brightest' scenic spot in the capital - the first 'lantern fair' held in the 94 years since its establishment. For the first time, the ancient buildings in the Forbidden City are lit on a large scale in the evening, and are open to the booking public free of charge in the evening for the first time.

At that time, the audience strolled on the palace wall to watch the lights, listened to the live performance of the Central Ethnic Orchestra and the opera sound from the Changyin Pavilion, and enjoyed the paintings such as "thousands of Li River and mountain scrolls" projected on the golden glazed tiles. Even if you don't enter the palace, you can also watch the kilometer red light 'point' to light the city wall.

According to the Palace Museum, the cultural activity of Shangyuan night in the Forbidden City is the continuation of a series of exhibition activities of celebrating the new year in the Forbidden City. The purpose is to meet the cultural, psychological and emotional needs of the public, better explain the topic of "traditional festivals", which is full of reunion and happiness, so that the public can feel the unique festival and human feelings in the museum.

Two consecutive nights of the forbidden night

During the Lantern Festival in 2019, the cultural activity of "Shangyuan night in the Forbidden City" jointly held by the Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Palace Museum was held on February 19 (January 15) and 20 (January 16).

The Forbidden City at night

Experts said that the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, known as Shangyuan festival in ancient times, is the first full moon night of the new year, and also the continuation of the celebration of the new spring. It originated and shaped in the Han Dynasty. After a long-term development and evolution, it has formed today's folk customs such as eating Lantern Festival, enjoying the moon, setting off lights, guessing riddles, dancing lions, and dancing dragons.

However, because the ancient buildings in Beijing are mainly made of wood structure, there are almost no Lantern Festival held in cultural protection units in recent years. This year, the Forbidden City will break the 'tradition'.

This activity is the first time that the Palace Museum has been open to the public for free in the evening since its establishment 94 years ago. It is also the first time that the ancient buildings in the Forbidden City have been lit on a large scale in the evening.

Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains

Different from the folk "flower lanterns", you can see both the lights and the palace in the palace. And the first "Lantern Festival" of the Forbidden City, the tour route is "high specification" - many links, the audience can climb the wall, overlooking the whole Forbidden City.

The Palace Museum is beautiful at night

Before entering the stadium, the audience can enjoy the magnificent sceneries of Wumen city building and East and west wild goose wing buildings under the light. After the entrance of the Meridian Gate, first watch the lighted Taihe gate square, then climb the Meridian Gate Tower from the West horse road of the Meridian Gate, visit the exhibition of "Celebrating the Spring Festival in the Forbidden City", and enjoy the wonderful performance of Zhao Cong, the pipa player of the Central National Orchestra and his team in the East wild goose wing tower.

Then, the audience walked along the wall decorated with red lanterns full of festival atmosphere to the southeast turret, watched the virtual reality film "turret", followed the wall to the Donghuamen tower, visited "the way to build -- the Forbidden City Architectural Art Exhibition". When walking through the nearly kilometer long east wall of the forbidden city full of red lanterns, you can see that part of the ancient buildings near the west side of the wall are also lighted, listen The opera voice from the Opera House of Changyin Pavilion. After arriving at the Northeast turret, the audience walked to shenwumen. In this area, they could watch the paintings such as "thousands of miles of rivers and mountains" projected on the roof of the building through artistic lights on the north and south sides of the city wall, just like the middle reaches of the painting.

After leaving the shenwumen city building, the corner restaurant and corner coffee on the East and west sides of shenwumen gate will be open to guests.

Invite express boy to visit the palace

According to the Palace Museum, there is no charge for this activity. Thousands of representatives from all walks of life, such as labor model, Beijing model, express delivery brother, sanitation workers, PLA and armed police officers and soldiers, firefighters, public security officers and police, as well as audience friends, will be invited to watch the lights and enjoy the scenery for a good night.

Palace Museum moon night

In recent years, the Forbidden City has always been one of the most fashionable cultural relics in Beijing and even in China. From 2012 to 2018, the opening area of the Forbidden City increased from 30% to 80%, with the newly opened nandaku furniture museum and 3 / 4 of the city wall, more and more courtyards, exhibitions and cultural relics' meeting 'with the public. The "Lantern Festival" is also an attempt to "expand" the opening-up. The Palace Museum hopes to display the profound connotation of excellent traditional culture at multiple levels through exhibitions and other ways, display and interpret traditional culture in a way that people like, interact with the expectations of the audience, and make the sleeping cultural relics live.

Since its launch on January 8, the "New Year's greeting to the auspicious Spring Festival in the Forbidden City" has triggered a wave of public viewing in the society. The number of visitors to the Forbidden City has increased by more than 70% year on year.

News tips

Please make an appointment through the ticketing system of the Palace Museum (Gugong. 228. Com. CN), free of charge. The number of seats is limited until it is full.

The visitors who have made an appointment will enter the venue with ID card and leave shenwumen.

No parking space is provided. The entrance was closed at 20 p.m. that night.