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A magic weapon to relieve dysmenorrhea

There are always a few painful days for girls every month. Some people describe women's dysmenorrhea as swallowing a razor that is still rotating. "Dysmenorrhea has tortured me thousands of times, and I treat dysmenorrhea as my first love". When dysmenorrhea happens, I hope never to come to my aunt, but when she doesn't come, I feel flustered. So the problem is, how should girls relieve dysmenorrhea?

Dysmenorrhea is generally caused by cold. If you have cold in your body, cold will coagulate in your blood. The blood is cold, so the uterine membrane that should have fallen off during the holidays can not fall off, which will cause dysmenorrhea. If you are afraid of cold in your period, cold in your hands, feet, waist and abdomen, soft in your legs, light in aunt's color and small in quantity, it's better to make a cup of black tea and ginger every day, adhere to the principle of soaking your feet in hot water every day, and sweat slightly when running to your body. Please remember to touch less raw and cold food, eat more warm food, and keep warm. If you have stomachache, irritability, small flow and blood clots before or during your aunt's period, you should drink more motherwort, rose and other blood activating things and eat less sour things. Remember, girls should be less grumpy, and go to bed early and get up early and don't stay up late!

If you are an aunt, your stomach is aching, pale or waxy, dizzy, tired, and you may also have diarrhea, and you should eat more things to replenish your qi and blood, such as dates, honey, beef and mutton, try not to eat blood activating things, which may be more painful. In the end, if your aunt's back is sore and legs are soft 1-2 days after she left, and her abdomen is slightly painful and uncomfortable, remember not to stay up late to diet, not to exercise intensively, and to adjust her mood well and not to be unhappy.

In fact, no matter what kind of dysmenorrhea, a large part of it is caused by 'bad living habits'. Most of the ways to relieve dysmenorrhea are through warmth, so that the circulation of Qi and blood is unblocked, so as to deal with the crux of' no passage, no pain '. If you don't have to, don't take painkillers. Frequent use will reduce people's pain tolerance. Fairies, take good care of yourself and keep yourself away from dysmenorrhea.