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What's wrong with the selfish eyes? What do you mean by saying that other people's eyes are too self

Recently, have you heard about a stem, that is, the eyes are very selfish, which seems to be on the Internet fire, and spread rapidly among netizens, becoming a very funny stem. Today, Xiaobian explains where and what the eyes are so selfish for friends who don't know the stem.

Eyes are too selfish

In fact, eyes grow too selfish is a kind of teasing for eyes. Recently, the fire is because of a sentence on the Spring Festival Gala, so it spreads very fast on the Internet. And recently on Weibo

Where is the source detailed

This is a sketch from the 2019 Spring Festival Gala. Sun Tao and Lin Yongjian perform together. The title of the sketch is show you. This sketch is very easy and funny. When Lin Yongjian came out, Sun Tao described his small eyes as selfish eyes. They can't be seen by others. He can see others.

His eyes are not visible to others. Generally speaking, his eyes are relatively small. At the same time, there is another meaning that his light can not be touched by others, so he was born with such a funny stem. After Wu Jing and Xie Nan tease their son on Weibo, they let more people know about this stem, so now we can find that many people are using this stem.

So if you want to describe your friend's eyes too small, you can say that you found a very good description, in fact, in 2019, there are still many stems on the Spring Festival Gala are very red, for example, do not tell three stone brother, mother eyebrows numbness mask mask, etc., poke a lot of bursting point.

The above introductions make complaints about the selfish eyes of the eyes. Netizens say that Tucao is really sharp, but it also provides a very interesting expression and expression for netizens. Is there anyone with a very selfish eye around them?