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Can I refund the house intermediary fee before it is transferred? What are the conditions of whether

the national policy is force majeure, so the termination of the contract shall not be liable. However, the labor paid by the intermediary should be compensated and can be solved through consultation. So the house has not yet transferred intermediary fee can you refund? Can intermediary fee refund have what circumstance? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

There are three situations in which the intermediary fee can be refunded:

The first is that the intermediary forces both parties to sign the sales contract, but the intermediary has the right not to return or refund a small amount of intermediary fee if the final transaction fails due to non intermediary reasons;

Second, if the intermediary fails to facilitate the transaction, it has no right to collect intermediary fees, but it can collect appropriate service fees;

Third, the intermediary promotes the buyer and the seller to sign the sales contract. However, if the transaction cannot be completed due to the intermediary reason, the intermediary must return the intermediary fee in full.

At present, the intermediary contract used in the second-hand housing market is not subject to online signing or transfer of ownership, but to the second-hand housing sales contract signed by both parties. That is to say, as long as the two sides sign the second-hand housing sales contract, the responsibilities of the intermediary have been completed. According to the current format of the contract, the intermediary can collect intermediary fees. In order to avoid disputes, the buyer had better verify the property rights and debt information of the house, and indicate the liability for breach of contract when signing the contract.