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What's the difference between a normal shower and a pressurized shower? What to do if the flower doe

As we all know, the shower is divided into supercharged and ordinary. Many people can't tell the difference between the two. What's the difference between supercharged and ordinary? What's the matter with a shower that doesn't produce hot water for a while?

It's better to pressurize the shower

The biggest difference between supercharged sprinkler and ordinary sprinkler is whether they have supercharging effect. At present, most of them are designed by the same principle on the market. The specific working principle of supercharged sprinkler is as follows:

The rear part of the sprinkler is equipped with an energy-saving supercharging device and is connected with the venturi hole of the sprinkler handle. When the water flows into the sprinkler, the external air pressure forces the water flow to speed up the water flow, so as to increase the water flow speed by about 30%, which has the effect of automatic supercharging by 30%.

After introducing the simple principle of pressurized shower, let's talk about the specific difference between pressurized shower and ordinary shower!

Massage function

The more attractive part of the pressurized shower is that it can control the water flow to achieve the massage effect that the ordinary shower does not have, so that people can get complete relaxation when bathing.

More smooth water flow

When we take a bath, the most unpleasant thing is that the water volume of the sprinkler head changes from big to small, which is a common problem of ordinary sprinkler. However, pressurized sprinkler can effectively improve this disadvantage, and achieve continuous water pressure and water output.

cost performance

If the water pressure at home is stable, the pressurized sprinkler is very practical, enough to keep the water heater working at home. However, if the water pressure is insufficient and unstable, and the water heater is burnt out, the pressurized shower can not play its role well, so the cost performance aspect will be smaller than the ordinary shower.

What's the reason why flowers can't produce hot water

The hot water produced by the sprinkler is less after a period of use, which is generally caused by the following reasons:

1. The hardness of tap water for family use is relatively high. The hardness of calcium and magnesium in the water is heated to form precipitation to block the pipeline. In fact, when boiling water at home, we will find that there is scale in the pot after boiling water, but there is no scale in the container with cold water. In short, heated water is more likely to cause calcium and magnesium deposition. Long term deposition will block the hot water outlet pipe.

2. It may be that the water outlet pressure of the water pipe in the home is small, which leads to the small water output of the water heater.

What to do if the flower doesn't spill hot water

1. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you replace the hot water pipe. Of course, if the cold water pressure is good, there is no need to install booster pump.

2. If the hot water pipe has been buried in the wall and it is not convenient to replace the pipe, the hot water pipe can be cleaned with a special detergent, which is generally used in the pipeline cleaning of power plants, boilers, etc., and is an acid detergent. Of course, acetic acid can also be used instead. After the pipeline is filled, the water outlet shall be blocked, and the reaction shall be discharged for a few hours. The specific time depends on the blockage degree of the pipeline.

3. If the water pressure is small, try to increase the water output of the water heater. If not, install a booster pump.