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How to deal with endowment insurance after resignation? How to pay for employment with local househo

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the social economy, the employee mobility of the employer is more and more big, many people no longer have the same career, have more diverse choices. The division of labor in the industry is more refined than before, and there is a lot of choice in the direction of employment. How to deal with endowment insurance after resignation? How to pay for employment with local household registration? Come and have a look.

After resigning, first of all, we must ensure that social endowment insurance cannot be interrupted, and the consequences of social security payment interruption are very serious. If there is an interruption of social security, it will affect the calculation and payment of retirement pension, and the retirement treatment will be discounted. Although it is said that the pension can be enjoyed after 15 years of payment, the payment period of 15 years is the prerequisite for receiving the pension insurance fund. Once the payment is interrupted, the proportion of the plan and payment of the insurance fund will be reduced, which will have a substantial impact on the receiving of the pension treatment. In addition, in many cities, if the cut-off payment reaches a certain number of months, it will directly affect the settlement, housing loan and children's enrollment, etc., which are major events in life and can't be ignored. The interruption of endowment insurance is very harmful, so we should find a good home before leaving, and the human resources department of the new owner should assist in handling the transfer procedures of social insurance in time.

According to the current regulations, the unit where the employee works pays endowment insurance at 20% of the payment base, which is included in the overall planning account. Employees shall pay endowment insurance according to 8% of the payment base, which shall be included in the personal account. In short, the overall account is controlled by the social security department. The government has the final say, which reflects the fairness principle at the beginning of the social security system design, and pays more for personal accounts, which reflects the principle of efficiency priority at the beginning of the system design.

At present, the social security funds of all provinces in China have not been calculated online. When the endowment insurance is transferred across provinces, 12% of the transfer payment base of the overall account part, that is, 60% of the unit payment part, and the individual account part is transferred in full. When transferring the social security in the province, there will be no unit payment part involved. The social security institutions in the two places can do a good job of accounting balance.

Of course, if you don't find the next job for the time being and you don't get your HUKOU when working in other places, you can find a professional social security agency to help you pay. For local household registration, you can choose to pay endowment insurance in flexible employment mode, with the payment proportion of 20%, all borne by individuals, 8% included in individual accounts, and the rest included in the overall planning fund. The payment base of this kind of social security is generally divided into three grades, namely, 60%, 80% and 100% of the average social wage. For example, the monthly social average wage of a province last year was 5000 yuan, the lowest 60% level payment was selected, the monthly payment base was 3000 yuan, and 600 yuan of endowment insurance was required to be paid each month, of which 240 yuan was included in the individual account, and the remaining 360 yuan was included in the overall planning fund.

After finding a suitable job, we can turn the flexible employment social security into the enterprise employee social security. After all, considering comprehensively, the employee social security should be more cost-effective. From the current situation, the social security pension of flexible employees is not high. For example, in 2017, the average pension of employees in Jiangsu Province was 2460 yuan, while the average pension of flexible employees was only about 800 yuan.

It's very important for us to provide for the aged. In the period of career transition and job switching, we must take social basic endowment insurance seriously to prevent the discount of retirement treatment in the future. Of course, in addition to basic social security, commercial pension insurance and target pension fund are also good choices and supplements.