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What are the practical oral English apps? Amway gives you the most reliable English app

English book is an international language. What practical English learning software recommendations do you want to practice English well? Here are some apps suitable for learning spoken English for Amway. I believe you can speak fluent English soon.

What are the practical apps of spoken English

1. Fluency in spoken English is a combination of innovative oral English teaching concepts and cutting-edge voice assessment technology. It enables you to speak English and help you get rid of dumb English ! the real-time voice scoring technology from Silicon Valley, and the addictive dialogue game make you speak English easily and fluently.

2. oral English essence

The essence of spoken English is an oral English software developed by Shanghai code Hong Technology Co. Ltd., which covers seven categories of English learning, including workplace Business English, oral English, current affairs, examination English, American movies, colloquial words and idioms.

3. Aika micro oral

Aika micro oral English is an English learning application, which evolved from the oral English controlled microblog operated by founder Yuan Peng. Its main ideas are micro English and micro education. The daily course plan in the application includes five categories: one sentence per day, big use of small spoken words, fashion slang, spoken scene, basic American pronunciation, and fully embodies the micro concept: each category only provides one sentence of learning content per day, and the broadcast time is compressed to within 1 minute.

4. Master of Youdao oral English

Youdao oral English master is the oral practice software launched by Youdao of Netease, which can quickly improve your English expression ability and oral performance. He breaks the traditional app's characteristics of only learning and memorizing English words. It is designed for Chinese people, with humorous explanation, the most practical scene arrangement and other features, and can effectively break the rigid pronunciation of traditional Chinese learning English. Master Youdao's oral English includes many scenes of life, social interaction, campus, workplace, business, going abroad and rich English question bank. If you want to improve your oral English, don't miss it.

5. Oral babita

Oral babita is a free application for oral English learning. The content setting is based on the international innovative oral learning concept, supplemented by intelligent voice assessment, offline availability and other functions. It is committed to correct the unscientific habits of Chinese oral learning and improve the efficiency of oral learning.

6. Oral gym

Speaking gym is a voice diagnosis software of arivoc Inc (Qingrui) running on smart phones. It uses the original artificial intelligence voice analysis engine of arivoc company to support offline operation on smart phone terminals. It is suitable for all kinds of languages. At present, it is mainly used in oral English training.