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How to log in without mobile phone for wechat in computer version? Log in with password for wechat a

We know that wechat can log in on the computer, but it needs to scan the code with the mobile wechat, but if the mobile phone is broken and sent for maintenance, what can we do if we can't get it back for the time being? Many work information is on wechat, can we just do it in a hurry? In fact, the computer version of wechat can log in without scanning the QR code, and the unknown friends will follow Xiaobian to operate it.

1. First download and install Dongdong mobile assistant and wechat Android in PC6.

3. Click start after wechat installation.

4. Select login in the pop-up interface. Generally, the default is to log in with your phone number, and you can log in by other ways.

5. In this small edition, log in with QQ number for demonstration. You can input QQ number and password directly on the keyboard (the number on the keypad is not OK)