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How much can Sichuan pension supplement receive in 2019? Calculation method of supplementary pension

2019 is a memorable year for the Chinese people in Sichuan Province. After four years of hard work, they can finally receive a replacement pension. Next, Xiaobian will take you to calculate how much each person can get after the supplementary pension in Sichuan Province.

It is understood that since January 2019, Sichuan retirees have successfully re calculated and reissued, and many of them have received the reissued pension. Although some people receive more money and some people receive less money, they are all accounted for according to the same scheme, namely:

If the pension of the new method is larger than that of the old method, then based on the old retirement treatment, the extra money will increase by 10% every year from 2015 and be reissued every month for 10 years. In 2015, the reissue proportion was 10%; in 2016, the reissue proportion was 20%; in 2017, the reissue proportion was 30%; in 2018, the reissue proportion was 40%; in 2019, the reissue proportion was 50%; in 2020, the reissue proportion was 70%; in 2021, the reissue proportion was 80%; in 2022, the reissue proportion was 90%; in 2023, the reissue proportion was 100%.

for instance:

If uncle Liu belongs to the "middle class" in Sichuan Province, he began to pay social security in 2014, and retired in 2019. According to the increase of 10% in 2015, the proportion of his replacement pension is 50%. If the old method is to calculate the pension, he gets 4200 yuan per month, and the new method is to calculate the pension, he can get 6000 yuan per month. The difference between the two methods is 1800 yuan, while according to the 50% replacement ratio, uncle Liu Uncle can get 1800 * 50% = 750 yuan more per month in 2019.

After reading the above introduction, we must have a general understanding of the calculation method of the Chinese pension supplement. In fact, no matter which province it is, it is calculated according to the same standard, but the difference lies in the difference in the amount of pension, hoping to help you.