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Will you marry in the year of 95? What are the taboos of marriage in the year of birth

2019 is the second year of life for a pig's little partner. Many people say they want to enter the marriage hall this year. Is it suitable for a pig's sister paper to get married this year? What are the taboos of marriage in this year?

Reasons for taboo of marriage in the year of birth:

1. In the eight characters of the original life year and the Lord of the sun, the chanting of the life support. That is to say, something sad will happen

2. In the prime year, people are usually in the "lunar year", and the physiological cycle of the body is in a low period, which is prone to disease

3. There are four years in the original life year that can be related to the original life. People born in four years, namely, Chen, you, Hai and Wu, form the self punishment of Chen, Wu Wu, Hai and you.

How about getting married in the year of 95

The experience of the older generation tells us that we can't get married in the year of birth. The reason for this is that there used to be a lot of people who didn't get married well in the year of benmingnian. There's an old saying, "too old to sit at the head of the table, there's no luck without blessings." but many experiences tell us that the year of benmingnian is either smooth or not, or blessed or not. In fact, it's connected with their own eight characters. The year of benmingnian is just a kind of saying. It doesn't exist at all with other years difference.

In fact, the original year can be married. No matter which year you choose to get married, you may encounter some twists and turns in the process of your marriage, which will also consume a lot of money. Therefore, whether the husband and wife are happy and harmonious in the future life, whether they can live together or not, does not have a great impact on the marriage in the original year, and only plays a role in the tacit understanding of the eight characters of the two people.

What are the taboos of marriage in the year of birth

In fact, not everyone is bad at getting married in the year of birth. As long as your genitals are not dragon, horse, chicken or pig, you can get married. Because the four genitals are consistent with each other in the twelve Branches, there will be a lot of troubles in getting married in the year of birth. Of course, marriage and life after marriage will also be bad. So in addition to the four genitals, the rest of the genitals can get married in the year of birth.

It is better to communicate with your lover well when you get married in the year of birth. Only when you handle the relationship between two people well and reach the same spirit, can you care about each other and care for each other in life. Even if you encounter conflicts, you will deal with them calmly and wholeheartedly. Of course, in the future life, you must not intensify conflicts, let alone expose them, so as to ensure marriage Happiness and stability.

For this kind of thing, pig people still have concerns. After all, fortune is a key factor. The year of birth is a bad year. If you get married, it may lead to the uncertainty of the relationship between husband and wife.