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What's special about a girl's full moon? Three points for attention

Folk, baby full moon is a thing to celebrate. Full moon wine is a common way to celebrate. Family and friends gather to drink together for the birth of a baby. In addition to the full moon wine, is there any particular about the baby's full moon? There are many interesting folk rituals, which indicate that the baby grows up healthily, has no worries about food and clothing, and has a happy life. So what about a girl's full moon? Three major precautions should be done well.

1. Rice with oil

After the baby is born for one month, mom and dad will inform friends and relatives of this news by giving away Juju, tiger head, red eggs or other food, hoping that everyone can celebrate the baby's safety and step into a new milestone.

At this time, the parents' relatives and friends will also give the baby some clothes, ornaments or red envelopes as a gift in return. Although many modern parents give Juju, Hutou and eggs in return, regardless of the boys or girls.

2. Shaving

One month after birth, the baby's hair can be shaved off. Some parents will choose to shave 24 days after birth, that is to say, the meaning of "twenty-four filial piety", hoping that the baby will become a filial son in the future. These hair can also be made into a brush, which was used in ancient times to answer the examination papers when going to Beijing as an adult.

When you cut your hair, you will take a basin of water and add it to the ivy. After the water is boiled and cooled, you can pour it into the washbasin, and add a small stone, an egg, a duck egg, 12 copper coins and a small amount of green onions in the basin. After the parents mash the green onions, mix them with the yolk and smear them on the baby's hair, and then start shaving.

When cutting hair, the barber will read the auspicious words to congratulate: 'egg noodles, duck egg body, good marriage, to match. '

The objects in the basin also have symbolic significance:

Shizi: it's the hope that babies' heads are hard, hard and easy to raise.

Money: it means money, wealth and rich life when children grow up.

Cong: one is that the child will be smart in the future, the other is that the hair of the baby will grow as thick as Cong.

Egg: it means perfect body and beautiful face. When shaving, use eggs to wipe the face. I hope the baby's face looks as white and smooth as an egg.

3. Name of ancient full moon

After a baby is born, naming is a great knowledge. According to the traditional concept, a name will affect a person's fate, so we should pay special attention to the baby's name.

There is no time point for naming, but most of them are named within one month of the birth of a baby. Because of the high rate of infant death in ancient times, infant death is a common thing, so it is usually not named for the baby immediately after birth.

Babies spend a month more stable, at this time will help the baby name, the name will also take its easy to remember, easy to take care of the meaning; and modern people are paying attention to the baby's birth with the name of the eight characters, hoping to help the baby to take a good name to benefit the whole life.

Sending, gathering, shaving and naming the full moon are all very popular ancient full moon rituals. Now people usually ask for full moon wine.

After the full moon, you can shave the baby's fetal hair and let the baby grow its hair again. The baby can be made into a brush in memory.

But don't shave your eyebrows. The hair will be messy in the future.