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What's the twelfth day of the first month? What are the Customs on the twelfth day of the first mont

The Lantern Festival is coming soon, but before it, people begin to celebrate the Lantern Festival on the twelfth day of the first month, and start to buy lanterns and build light sheds. This is how the nursery rhyme is sung: 'eleven are shouting and chirping, twelve are setting up light sheds, thirteen are turning on the lights, fourteen are on, fifteen are in the middle of the month, and sixteen are finishing the lights. The 15th day of the first month is the Lantern Festival. It's the first full moon night of the year, and it's also the night when the earth returns to spring, also known as the Shangyuan Festival.

It's commonly known as "12 light sheds". It means that the Lantern Festival is approaching, and from this day on, the administrator of the village will call together skilled craftsmen and young people to prepare lanterns and do various preparations for Lantern Festival. In order to make the Lantern Festival more vigorous, the construction of light shed is the most important part of the preparatory work. On the 12th day of the first month, the managers of the village will prepare all kinds of building materials, and then the young and strong people will be responsible for the construction of climbing ladders. According to different types of lights, different light sheds will be built.

In addition to the light shed, the craftsmen will also start to prepare for the Lantern Festival on the 12th day of the first month. In order to show their talents on the Lantern Festival, we will try our best to make all kinds of exquisite and gorgeous lantern. From New Year's Eve to the 11th of the first month, people all eat some greasy food for the new year's day. They are afraid of eating bad stomach. On this day, they just eat some food to clean their intestines and stomach so as not to get sick.

If the chance is good, there will be a beautiful spectacle of 'Jupiter with the moon' in the sky. Jupiter, the 'big man' of the solar system, will be in close contact with the bright moon and perform a touching 'Star Moon Fairy Tale'. Astronomically, this phenomenon is called 'Jupiter conjunct moon'. Generally speaking, when the moon turns in the sky once a month, it will pass several brighter planets. When the moon is closest to these planets, it is called the "moon closing" phenomenon.

According to astronomy experts, although the moon has the chance to meet Jupiter every month, because the moon patrols the sky every 27.3 days, it can not be seen every time, even if it can be seen, the viewing effect is not necessarily very good. It is possible that when Jupiter catches up with the moon near the sun, the naked eye will not be able to see Jupiter from the strong sunlight; it is also possible that Jupiter, the moon and the earth move in a straight line, and the moon will cover Jupiter, although it is also 'closed', we will not see it.

After sunset, the convex moon of January 12 and Jupiter appear in the southeast sky at the same time. Jupiter is on the top, and the convex moon is on the bottom. It looks like lovers' whispering, which forms a happy contrast. Because there are no other too bright objects around, the beautiful scenery accompanied by stars and moon is very clear, and the viewing effect is very good.