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Is Valentine's Day 2019 suitable for confession? How to express love on Valentine's Day

Every girl wants to have romantic love, especially in the coming Valentine's day, if you have an ambiguous object, in fact, you can take the opportunity to express your love, maybe you will be promoted to a girlfriend, so how to say the love words when expressing your love?

How to express love words on Valentine's Day: 1-2

1. If I can not run the tune, I can accurately sing my heartbeat; if I can not run the tune, I can sing and take you everywhere. You are my song, but would you like to listen to my tuneless music?

2. Since I met you, my eyes, my heart, are irreversibly following your figure. I silently pay attention to all of you. When I see you, I am happy. When I don't see you, I miss you. I feel happy when you are happy. When you are sad, my heart hurts. Honey, I love you so much. Just stand still. I'll go to you and hug you.

How to express love words on Valentine's Day: 3-4

3. Weather forecast: I miss you a little from tonight to tomorrow morning. It is expected that I will continue to miss you in the afternoon. Affected by this low mood, I will turn to violent thinking in the evening. My mood will be reduced by five degrees. It is expected that this kind of weather will continue until I see you.

4. Not every flower can represent love, but rose can do it; not every tree can stand dry, but poplar can do it; not every pig can receive a message, but you can do it; not everyone likes pigs, but I can do it.

How to express love words on Valentine's Day: 5-6

5. All the delicious food belongs to you. I don't like it. All the beautiful new clothes belong to you. I like to see them. The afternoon sunshine is all yours, so warm. The weekend's return sleep belongs to you. You are lazy. All you want in this world belongs to you. I just want you to belong to me.

6. I want to see you get up in the morning and stare at you. I want to sketch along your nose. I want to be held tightly by you. Every Saturday and Sunday sunshine happens to be a fresh morning. It seems that all the unhappiness has been cut by the shuttle breeze. It's great to have you.