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What advantage does dangshen honey have? The effect and edible method of Dangshen honey

Dangshen honey is brewed by bees collecting the nectar of Dangshen (Platycodon grandiflorum). The honey is amber in color, thick in texture, sweet and fragrant in taste, not easy to crystallize. It is known as "the best honey" because of its unique efficacy and sweet taste. What's the benefit of Dangshen honey? Let's learn about the efficacy and function of Dangshen honey and how to eat it.

Ingredients: nutritious

The honey source plant of Dangshen honey is dangshen, a plant of Dangshen in Platycodon family. Its main components are glucose (about 33.90%) and fructose (about 40.70%), and it also contains a small amount of sucrose (about 4.30%), protein, organic acid, vitamins, minerals and a variety of active substances. The content of fructose and iron in dangshen honey is higher than that in other honey, in which fructose helps to slow down Relieve fatigue, and iron element can alleviate iron deficiency anemia.

Efficacy: relieve fatigue

Dangshen honey can alleviate fatigue due to its rich glucose and fructose (both of which belong to monosaccharide and can directly enter the blood without digestion). Glucose is the main energy supply material for normal operation of human organs, especially the energy required by brain neurons is basically supplied by glucose, and fructose metabolism speed in the body is faster than glucose, so work fatigue or Stay up late to work overtime can drink some dangshen honey properly to alleviate fatigue.

Efficacy: moistening intestines and relieving constipation

Dangshen honey is also very significant in moistening intestines and defecating (all mature honey has the effect of moistening intestines and defecating). It comes from the rich enzymes of Dangshen honey that can help the gastrointestinal digestion of food, organic acids can stimulate the gastric secretion of gastric acid, while vitamins and minerals help to maintain the normal gastrointestinal function. In addition, dangshen honey itself is a good intestinal lubricant, so it has indigestion and habit People with constipation and other conditions can drink some dangshen honey to regulate.

Efficacy: prevent anemia

Dangshen honey has a very significant effect in preventing anemia. The iron element rich in dangshen honey can promote the synthesis of hemoglobin. At the same time, the protein, vitamins and minerals rich in dangshen honey can promote the synthesis of hematopoietic substances and increase the number of hematopoietic cells. In addition, dangshen polysaccharide rich in dangshen honey can promote the proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells Dangshen honey is especially suitable for women with anemia.

Efficacy: strengthen the heart and calm the nerves

The rich sugars, enzymes and vitamins in dangshen honey can promote the synthesis of glycogen (the energy substance of normal contraction of heart muscle) and provide a lot of oxygen for the heart. At the same time, the rich monosaccharide (glucose and fructose) in dangshen honey can supplement necessary energy for nervous system and relieve nervous tension. In addition, the rich vitamins, minerals and other components in dangshen honey can promote nerve function Can normal and can inhibit nerve excitement and reduce psychological pressure.

How to eat: wash honey water

The eating method of Dangshen honey is exactly the same as that of other honey. The simplest way is to eat it directly (eating dangshen honey alone is easy to make people feel sweet and greasy). Therefore, the most common way to eat dangshen honey is to wash honey water. When making dangshen honey, you only need to use 40 ℃ warm boiled water to brew it evenly. You can also make all kinds of bees with some milk, dates, hawthorn, etc Honey water (in any case, make sure the water temperature is within 60 ℃).

Taboo: do not overdo

The taboo of Dangshen honey is basically the same as that of other honey. One is that eating dangshen honey excessively for a long time can easily lead to obesity and lead to health problems such as diabetes. The other is that eating dangshen honey for people with diabetes and hyperglycemia can easily lead to abnormal elevation of blood sugar, which is not conducive to the control of blood sugar or even the aggravation of disease. The third is that eating dangshen honey on an empty stomach for a long time can easily lead to gastrointestinal disease due to excessive gastric acid Fourth, babies under the age of one should not eat dangshen honey.

Conclusion: dangshen honey is brewed from dangshen nectar, a precious Chinese medicine. Although it is similar to other honey in nutritional composition, it is relatively rich in fructose and iron, which makes it more significant in relieving fatigue and preventing anemia.