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What program is Yang Chao archery? Yang surmounts the big counter attack to win the second place in

There are a lot of stars in the entertainment circle. Their every move will attract the attention of the media lens. It is not a simple thing to enter the entertainment circle now. Unlike in the 1980s and 1990s, when walking on the street, they would be inadvertently discovered by the star scouts and become stars. And Yang Chao, as a rural child, how did she catch fire? What program is Yang Chao archery? Yang surmounted the big counter attack and won the second place in archery competition.

Now if you want to enter the entertainment circle, you have to make your own topic, hype and make yourself a person you all know. In this way, it's much easier to enter the entertainment circle. There are many people who will enter the entertainment circle by participating in the talent show. You can also see that there are many talent show variety shows in the current TV programs. As long as you become the champion or popular player in the program, it is also a very simple thing to enter the entertainment circle. I don't know if you've seen rocket girl 101? Yang Chaoyue came from this program and quickly became a popular female star. Recently, she staged a big counter attack in another program and won the second place in archery competition. Netizen: forward Yang Chaoyue!

Yang Chaoyue is known as the village flower because she is a rural child. She has done all kinds of work before participating in the program. After participating in the program, she quickly becomes everyone's favorite player because of her lovely, frank and informal performance. Now her various programs on the non-stop, we all like her very much, and her head is also made of Koi by netizens, we all forward Yang Chao for wealth, for success!

Recently, a news program "super new star sports meeting" attracted everyone's attention. In this program, some new stars just entered the entertainment circle participated in various sports. Among them are the girls of rocket girl 101. Their appearance naturally attracts many otaku men to watch, especially Yang Chao. Everyone wants to see their performance.

In the archery competition, Yang Chaoyue's performance was not very good at the beginning, but she finally got the good result of the runner up, and the road to promotion was very dangerous. In the preliminaries, Yang Chaoyue's performance was a complete rookie. Everyone thought that she would not be promoted to the next round, but they didn't expect that Yang Chaoyue would shoot a good score of 9 rings and win Li Yitong. Then in the next round, she shot twice in the ninth ring to advance to the final, but the opponent in the final is very strong, Gao Yingxi has been particularly good in the archery competition of these two days.

In the end, Yang Chao's magic didn't last, but she was defeated by Gao Yingxi, but her performance aroused the encouragement and praise of netizens. Many netizens said that surpassing my sister is a magic power. She sometimes behaves like a rookie, but she can climb up slowly with her own strength. Many impossible things happen to her, and she feels that it should be!