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2019 postgraduate entrance examination results will be announced in mid February! When will the scor

When will the results of postgraduate entrance examination be announced in 2019? This should be the most concerned problem of the students in the recent postgraduate entrance examination. According to the information released by some provincial education recruitment and examination institutions, the results of 2019 postgraduate entrance examination will be released in mid February! When will the score line be announced? Let's get to know.

When will the results of the primary examination be announced?

The results of the preliminary examination of the national postgraduate entrance examination in 2019 are expected to be announced in succession in mid February. The provinces that have been determined are: Hubei, Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Ningxia and Liaoning.

Please pay attention to the notice of provincial educational recruitment and examination institutions and recruitment units when the preliminary examination results of other provinces are published.

Where is the result of the primary examination?

Candidates can inquire through the way announced by the enrollment unit.

Set new targets and pass the window of checking and separating

Although the results have not come out yet, the examinees are the most familiar with their own situation. Moreover, they may have a good idea of their own situation through assessment.

For candidates with good scores, the retest is the biggest challenge you are facing, so you should hurry up to prepare for the retest.

For examinees with unsatisfactory scores, they can start to prepare for adjustment or find another way out. After all, postgraduate entrance examination is a selective examination with a certain elimination rate. As long as we find the direction of our efforts, we will gain a lot.

When will the score line be announced?

According to previous years' experience, 34 independent marking colleges and universities will successively publish the basic requirements of the preliminary test results in March. The Ministry of education will release the basic requirements for the results of the national preliminary examination in the middle and late March.

What are the retest time, process and related requirements?

The retest time is generally from March to April every year.

Re examination is an important part of the postgraduate entrance examination, which is used to examine the innovative ability, professional quality and comprehensive quality of the candidates. The retest process generally includes physical examination, written examination and interview, etc. for details, please refer to the measures and policies announced by each enrollment unit.

How to understand the adjustment information of postgraduate entrance examination?

After the Ministry of education has announced the basic requirements for candidates to enter the second round examination, candidates can learn about the adjustment methods and plan balance information of enrollment units through the adjustment service system of research and recruitment network.

It is recommended that candidates learn about the previous year's reallocation process, precautions and common problems in advance, and pay attention to the opening time of reallocation service system of trcnet in time.