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The latest release of the 2019 mobile radiation ranking! Huawei ranks the first

In order to avoid meaningless arguments, we need to emphasize that cell phone radiation is a relatively safe radiation. At present, there is no evidence that cell phone radiation will cause harm to human body. Now 2019 mobile phone radiation ranking is newly released! So what brand of mobile phone has the highest radiation? What's Huawei's ranking?

The Federal Office of radiation protection of Germany released two lists of mobile phone radiation test results, which listed the radiation values of some models of mobile phones, in watts / kg. The list is divided into two parts, one is the mobile phone with the highest radiation and the other is the mobile phone with the lowest radiation. Each list has 16 mobile phones.

Top 16 mobile phones with the highest radiation:

The lowest radiation mobile phone top 16:

Xiaomi A1 (that is, domestic Xiaomi 5x), don't ask why there is no such and such brand, because this is the highest 16 and the lowest 16. If there is no such and such brand, it may be that most of the brands are in the middle level, that's all.