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What's the most popular hairstyle for girls this year? Trend of female hair style in 2019

2019 is just a few days away from New Year's Eve. It's only a few days left for hair cutting and styling. If you still don't know what kind of hairstyle you want to cut, please come and have a look.

Women with fashionable hair styles in 2019

Short hair Princess Cut

The younger the girls are, the more likely they are to like the hairstyle with a bit of personality. For example, short hair Princess cutting is a good example. In 2018, the princess cutting, which has been popular for a long time, will still be popular in 2019. It is also a short hair cutting. After the princess cutting, it will give people a lot of personality, but also more aura. It will cover the flesh and show thin, not to mention, it will end the young girl's ancient spirit and strange girlishness Beauty shows.

Xinzhilei hair style

Although many people love to make complaints about hair, they are just outdated haircuts. But there are still many small sisters who like this hairstyle. They cut the hair a little bit, and add the red and eight words to the Internet. The sweetness is doubled. Compared with the original black hair, this kind of hair is more effective and has a strong self-confidence in face. If so, it is recommended to try this hairstyle.

Clavicle roll + eight character bangs

If the girl's hair is half long and not short, the clavicle roll style must be tried. It doesn't need any special curl. The simple inside buckle pear blossom perm plus the expanded eight character bangs will have a sense of hierarchy. Covering the high cheekbones will make you change your face in seconds! The girl with flat head or soft hair is better to perm the hair root, so the shape is more fluffy and the three-dimensional sense is stronger.


If the length of girl's hair is less than the shoulder, what's the best way to perm it? Lihua perm should be the first choice. The internal button perm design can very well modify the face of Asian people, so that the head shape will show your favorite oval effect, which will give the impression of being younger. Without bangs, Lihua perm is suitable for girls with narrow forehead, and the style is more mature, which is necessary for older mature girls.

WOB head

No matter when, short hair is suitable for fashion. Among them, short hair WOB head is more popular and popular. The wave head after perm is more fashionable, more mature, elegant and atmospheric. It is also the first choice for mature women. It is also suitable for girls to choose this hair style in the workplace. The hair tail is slightly cut, and the air feeling from perm is stronger.

Hot shape

What kind of hair style is good for medium and long hair perm? Korean style perm is recommended for you. C-shaped hair tail + arc-shaped bangs make up the most Korean style hair style this year. It's good-looking and foreign-looking. The point is that it's still very natural. It's like a natural curly hair, which gives people an impression of super gentleness and makes people look like a hair style touching your head.

Lob head

The lob hair style that young and mature women like is very good-looking with a proper perm tail like this. The painting style is more mature, and the fashion index of matching with dull blue hair color is soaring. The blue hair color that is a little bit high and cold is really cruel, white and temperament, which shows the cool and fashionable temperament of urban girls.