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In 2019, we will realize the integration of endowment insurance! Enterprise personnel will rise more

In recent years, the country has developed faster and faster, and has also issued more and more policies for the benefit of the people. During this period, the new pension policy regulation and control has attracted more people's attention. In 2019, we will realize the integration of pension insurance! Business personnel will rise even more.

And the enterprise unit is the company and the individual have to pay half of each social security, after the old age retires, they can get the pension, and no matter how much the salary, the pension that they can finally get is the minimum standard, and with the intervention of the state in this respect, the gap between the two is gradually narrowing in these years.

And from 2019, the social security expenses will be collected by the tax department in a unified way. The purpose is to narrow the pension gap between institutions and enterprises. For a long time, the pension gap is not only reflected in the retired employees of institutions and enterprises, but also in the pension received by different people between enterprises, institutions and institutions.

With the current pension integration, the gap between enterprises and institutions will be narrowed again, so as to better ensure the elderly's life. What's your opinion about the pension integration, the enterprise personnel will rise more and narrow the gap? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss, the next issue is more exciting. If you like my article, please click follow, we will continue to update for you!