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What fruits and vegetables do you eat in spring? A variety of fruits and vegetables suitable for spr

What's the best thing to eat in the Spring Festival? After the Spring Festival, the weather is still relatively dry. At this time, fruits and vegetables are the best food for replenishing water. But when we eat fruits and vegetables, we should choose according to the season. Here are a variety of fruits and vegetables for you to eat in spring.

What's the best thing to eat in spring season fruit

Beginning of spring

Sugar cane

It is one of the best foods for clearing lung heat. In addition to abundant sugar and water, it also contains a large number of vitamins and other substances that are very beneficial to human metabolism. In the south, people are accustomed to using it to make all kinds of sugar water. The juice with sweet and floral flavor makes autumn beautiful.


Apple is rich in nutrition, and is a widely used natural beauty fruit. Apple contains a lot of water and various moisturizing factors, which can moisturize the skin. Vitamin C can inhibit the pigmentation in the skin. Eating apple often can lighten freckles and chloasma on the face. In addition, the apple contains rich fruit acid ingredients can make the pores unobstructed and have effect.


Citrus's mild personality makes it the king of fruit in autumn. Although citrus is found in every season, autumn is the best product to absorb the essence of the world. Its advantage needless to say, just thinking of its fresh taste is enough to get rid of dryness and refresh your mind.

Water chestnut

Regardless of the outcome of the debate whether water chestnut is fruit or vegetable, we only care about what kind of health it brings us. Qingfeire and detoxification are its greatest effects, while the crisp and juicy water chestnut is equally popular in both vegetables and desserts.


Pomegranate has a strong exotic style. It has a warm and sour taste, which goes into the lung, kidney and large intestine. It can stimulate the body fluid to quench thirst and astringent. It is a good food material for maintaining the body. What's more, pomegranate is different from other fruits in that it requires us to treat those coral red fruits attentively, so that this moment is full of childlike innocence.

What's the best thing to eat in spring season -- vegetables

Beginning of spring


The climate is different in spring, so we need to maintain the Yang. And leek is most suitable for human Yang Qi, which is called "Viagra". Leek contains essential oil, protein, fat, vitamins and other nutrients. It has the functions of invigorating the stomach, refreshing and strengthening the kidney. Spring leek is one of the best leeks, especially delicious. Its root is white as jade, its leaves are green as jade, and its fragrance is fragrant. Spring leek can be eaten in various ways, not only with meat, eggs, shrimp, cuttlefish, etc., but also as stuffing for steamed dumplings and dumplings. Stir fry mung bean sprouts or dried tofu with spring chives, especially fragrant and delicious.

Shepherd's purse

Vegetable is the first choice for calcium supplement in spring. Shepherd's purse is rich in nutrition, and its vitamin C, carotenoid and various minerals are high. Especially, its calcium content is close to three times of the same quality milk.

Choose shepherd's purse without flowers, so it's tender and delicious; the medicinal value of shepherd's purse root is very high, and it should not be removed when eating; shepherd's purse should not be cooked for a long time, too long time will damage its nutritional ingredients, but also make the color yellow. When making shepherd's purse, do not add garlic, ginger, cooking wine to taste, so as not to damage the fragrance of shepherd's purse itself.


The research found that some substance in lettuce can resist the rhinitis caused by allergy in spring and relieve the sufferings of allergic patients. And spring is also a high incidence season of all kinds of allergic diseases. Eating lettuce often can enhance the secretion of gastric juice and digestive juice, and enhance the secretion of bile. The potassium in lettuce is 27 times higher than that in sodium, which is good for promoting urination, maintaining water balance, and for patients with hypertension and heart disease.


Spinach is a kind of vegetable in all seasons of the year, but it's better in spring than autumn spinach, as Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan said. The root of 'spring spinach' is red, leafy and green. It is very tender and delicious. Spinach, which goes on sale in spring, is good for detoxification and preventing spring dryness. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that spinach is sweet and cool, which can nourish blood, stop bleeding, accumulate Yin and moisten dryness. Because spinach contains more oxalic acid, which hinders the absorption of calcium and iron, it is advisable to use boiling water to scald the spinach first and then fry it.

Suitable for eating: 250g white radish, 100g japonica rice, 8g ginger, 25g lard, 3G refined salt, add some water to make congee. Radish and japonica rice porridge has the functions of reducing food consumption, benefiting qi and relieving thirst. It is suitable for the patients who are weak in digestion (digestion) due to the more fat, sweet and thick taste of vegetarian (Vegetarian) food.