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How to choose breakfast brands? Join three popular brands for breakfast

Now there are so many brands to join in breakfast. Many friends who want to join in breakfast are really blindfolded and don't know what to choose. So how to choose among so many brands to join in breakfast? Breakfast to join the three popular brands to understand.

Breakfast franchise store selection

In 2018, the list of breakfast stores: Yonghe soymilk breakfast (200 stores), good morning breakfast (30 stores), Ginza breakfast (30 stores), Xiongzhou breakfast (50 stores), Weiyi breakfast (80 stores), Shuanghui breakfast (100 stores), xinyingyuan breakfast (55 stores), jiajiajiale breakfast (80 stores), breakfast in early morning (60 stores), joyous breakfast (60 stores).

Yonghe soybean milk breakfast

Wenzhou taixiang Yonghe Brand Management Co., Ltd. is the headquarters of taixiang Yonghe soybean milk in mainland China. In 1999, taixiang Yonghe soybean milk entered the mainland and officially applied for the registration of trademark. The trademark of "taixiang Yonghe" was registered in mainland China in 2002. In 2010, taixiang Yonghe soybean milk Chain Co., Ltd. wholly acquired the brand of taixiang Yonghe, integrating the existing taixiang Yonghe soybean milk store, and Set up operation headquarters in mainland China, operate its' Taiwan Yonghe 'soybean milk chain brand in mainland China, and carry out operation in mainland China in the form of direct and franchise, which has greatly improved the brand of Taiwan Yonghe soybean milk. Now Yonghe soybean milk has entered Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi and other places, and has a certain influence nationwide.

'Taiwan Yonghe soymilk' adheres to the spirit and concept of Yonghe town's soymilk origin, continues the classic taste of Yonghe town's soymilk, and gradually expands from simple soymilk products to all kinds of Chinese snacks, successfully explores and introduces the chain operation mode of xiangyonghe soymilk, and promotes Taiwan's Chinese catering department and Taiwan's traditional food culture.

Good morning breakfast

Good morning breakfast is a Chinese fast food restaurant which mainly sells breakfast, Chinese food and dinner. The environment is elegant and clean. Up to now, we have accumulated many years of experience and strength in operating all kinds of food products, with a number of patented technologies and unique formulas, and its modulation techniques, tempering, and advanced trend. Breakfast in the morning is popular with the public for its variety, delicious and cheap.

Good morning, delicacy lead a person to endless aftertastes, and inherit the traditional Chinese food culture, remove the dross, extract the essence, add the secret recipe, and eat the lips and teeth to retain fragrance. Good morning breakfast expert team adopts modern technology to develop 11 series of baozi flavors, nearly 100 flavors, which can meet the needs of different consumers.

Morning breakfast is delicious and unique. It's a favorite food in summer, autumn, spring and winter. Good morning breakfast has a wide consumer market. Opening a good morning breakfast franchise store is a good investment choice.

Breakfast at Ginza

Ginza breakfast chain organization will simplify all 'complex things', and franchise stores only need' simple things to do repeatedly '! The standardization of Ginza breakfast makes opening a store become a simple copy, and ordinary managers create extraordinary achievements! Professional operation support, more revenue generating barriers!

Traditional Chinese food and beverage often rely on rich varieties and tastes to occupy the market, but lack of standardized production and brand management, so it is difficult to develop into such successful brands as KFC and McDonald's. While carrying forward the advantages of Oriental cuisine, Ginza breakfast, drawing on the successful model of international brands, makes every effort to study the standardized management of catering, so as to make Ginza breakfast a more efficient, standardized and successful catering enterprise.

The headquarters of Ginza breakfast has set up a professional operation guidance team to provide personalized professional services according to the requirements of different markets and franchisees, solve the business and technical problems encountered by franchisees, eliminate the worries of franchisees, and provide franchisees with intimate services.