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Can 4G mobile phones bought in 2018 be converted into 5g? What conditions should 5g mobile phone mee

Now the mobile phones we use are still 4G, and we know the 5g era is coming, so can the mobile phones we use now be upgraded to 5g when 5g is fully put into commercial use? What conditions should 5g mobile phones meet?

The first condition of 5g mobile phone is that its baseband must support 5g, and 5g mobile phone must support 5g network. Finally, the phone will be able to use 5g network. Obviously, 5g network can only be realized if it meets two conditions: first, 5g mobile phone, and second operator must support it.

As for the 4G mobile phone, first of all, it does not have 5g baseband, so even if the operator can support 5g network, it cannot realize the desire to connect 5g network. In a word, it doesn't support hardware.

So, our problem is that since 5g network, 4G mobile phones cannot be upgraded. Why do mobile phone manufacturers continue to release 4G mobile phones. The reason is simple:

5g network has not been formally used in business in China. If it is to be officially commercialized, it will not be officially commercialized until 2020, but officially commercialized, it is a process, and it is possible to truly popularize 5g network until 2021.

The purpose of mobile phone manufacturers is to produce mobile phones for consumers. If they do not produce mobile phones, the impact on them will be devastating.

Consumers have demand. Many consumers may want to buy new mobile phones when they see them. Similarly, when the old mobile phone is damaged or cannot be used, the consumer needs to buy a mobile phone.

Therefore, for various reasons, mobile phone manufacturers will spare no effort to release new 4G mobile phones, which is also to give them a sense of existence and let consumers identify with them more.