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What are the high score Korean films of Douban in 2019? 6 Korean movies with high scores of Douban

There are many very good Korean TV dramas, but there are too many dramas of family and love, which makes people have prejudice and leads to the bottom of the disdain chain. Today, the editor carefully selected six Korean films with high scores of Douban, which are rich in themes and worth watching.

Korean films with high score of Douban

1. Li Yanxiang on the way home 9.1

On the way home, I told the story that the children in the city came to the countryside and lived with the grandmother who couldn't speak. The rhythm of the whole movie was very flat and there was no ups and downs at all. Although I could understand the huge gap of the child, I still couldn't like him. Only my grandmother always accommodated him. I think the tear point is still high, almost to the end of the film, but I see that I am ill on the card and I think you still can't control it.

2. Memories of killing fengjunhao 8.6

This is a movie adapted from a real event. Now it seems that the problem of inconceivable or small case may be a problem at that time. Therefore, the destruction of the crime scene, beating and confessing, and the effective clues are ignored. So many human lives have not attracted widespread attention & hellip; All of these reflect various problems of Korean society at that time. We were anxious and powerless in front of the screen, just like they at that time & hellip; wished for world peace

3. Spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring 8.5

Spring, summer, autumn and winter are another spring. The story of teachers and apprentices in the temple is condensed into the seasonal samsara, which also indicates the samsara of the world. The lens is exquisite in composition, but there is no intentional affectation. There are many empty spaces, which can give people feeling and relief. Full of sense of form, photography and music are very beautiful, few of them are very comfortable with slow rhythm. From spring to winter, they have gone through changes and become reincarnated. Kim Kidd really speaks with pictures.

4. Oasis, Licang East 8.5

Two marginalized people abandoned by their families are like two people who lost their way in the vast desert. They finally meet in the oasis and are forced to be separated by sandstorms. The life destroyed by God tells the love and struggle of two marginal people. The world will not even have a moment to listen to their voice, can only understand each other, like an oasis in the desert, an island in the sea. Gong soo's fantasy is heartbreaking happily. A person who can't express her to the outside world, how turbulent her heart has been and how much she yearned for. Besides, the actor's acting is really cracked

5. Old boy Park Zanyu 8.5

Listening to the name, I think it's a youth movie. At first, I think it's a suspense movie. In the middle, I think it's a violence movie and an ethics movie. At last, it turns out to be a literary movie. It's better to be an ignorant person. You can't guess the end of the story - the plot design and content of the movie are bright in front of your eyes, but the description of some details is a bit cumbersome, the subject matter is relatively new, and the script is very painstaking.

6. Man dog Qiyuan Park enheng / Wu Dajun 8.5

When you're in a bad mood and can't cry, come to see this movie. You can cry with it. No matter how difficult life is, there will always be some people and things in our hearts, because love is more because of moving. Dogs are more loyal than people. From the moment you choose them as partners, you have become the whole world.