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How can I take the train if I lose my ID card? How to get a train ticket if I lost my ID card

Holidays are always the peak of travel. For many friends who need to take the train, they may encounter the problem of how to take the train if their ID card is lost. Can they still take the train if their ID card is lost? How to get the ticket if their ID card is lost?

Regulations on train ticket purchase:

Everyone knows that when buying a real name ticket at the railway ticket window, the ticket must be purchased with the original or copy of the valid identity card of the passenger (except for the children who take the train free of charge and the children who hold the child ticket). When purchasing tickets on, the valid identity card information of passengers must be filled in accurately. Only one real name ticket can be purchased for a valid ID card on the same ride date and at the same train time (if the child who purchases the child ticket on does not have a valid ID card, the information of the adult's valid ID card can be used without this restriction).

How can I take the train if I lose my ID card?

First of all, I came to the window where I bought the train ticket and asked the conductor, 'where is the person who bought the temporary certificate?' (this address is usually near the entrance of the ticket hall, and you can find it by paying attention. If you can't, you can ask.)

Make it clear with the staff who purchase the temporary certificate. They will ask for your ID card number and relevant verification information. The information about yourself is usually very simple (students can show their student ID card and other certificates, otherwise they don't need it)

If there is no problem in the verification, I will give you a temporary certificate. Generally, it can be completed in 2-5 minutes. This service is free of charge, and the certificate does not charge any money.

After the temporary pass is completed, you can buy tickets to any place and return tickets at the window.