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What do you mean by a steel wire ball? The connotation of Fupo steel wire ball

What's the meaning of the rich woman's steel wire ball? Recently, many little friends are talking about the rich woman's happy ball. Do you not understand what it means for you who are ignorant?

Rich woman steel wire ball what stem

The origin of this stem is a joke on the Internet, which probably means that a person is supported by a rich woman, with a considerable monthly salary, but the playing method of the rich woman is also quite 6. The eldest brother runs away without living, and the playing method of the rich woman is also popular. Because the rich woman takes the steel wire ball to brush him, it is called the rich woman happy ball. The expression bag about the rich woman happy ball is also on fire on the Internet.

What do you mean by a rich woman's steel wire ball. In fact, it's a kind of teasing and self blacking, because many people want to express their desire not to work hard, not to fight, to have a better life, so they use the rich woman happy ball to tease. Therefore, the happy ball of the rich woman has become the synonym of the rich woman, the quilt and the less struggle for decades.

In response, many netizens said that they could no longer look directly at the ball. Many more gay men say that it's not easy to live and earn money if you think about the pain in your lower body. Rich women have lots of fun and happiness.

But it's just a joke on the Internet, you don't have to be serious. If you want to live an ideal life, of course, you have to rely on your own efforts! It's a daydream to expect to be wrapped up and paid back by others! You still have to be down-to-earth! Even if it's a steel wire ball, people have a great use. Don't daydream!