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The effect and function of red heart pitaya can diabetics eat Pitaya

One of the Dragon fruits, named for its fleshy scales that look like the scales of Jiaolong. Because of eating dragon fruit health longevity, commonly known as longevity fruit. At present, there are differences between red heart and white heart in the Pitaya on the market. What are the effects and functions of red heart pitaya?

Effect and function of red heart pitaya fruit

1. It is rich in carbohydrate, which is an important substance to constitute the body; it stores and provides heat energy; it is necessary to maintain brain function; regulate fat metabolism; provide dietary fiber; save protein; detoxify; enhance intestinal function.

2. Rich in vitamin C, it can protect teeth health, prevent arteriosclerosis, eliminate free radicals, prevent cancer, protect cells, detoxify, protect liver, improve immunity and emergency ability.

3. Other functions: it can also inhibit the degeneration of brain cells and prevent dementia. It can also protect the stomach wall. It can reduce weight, cholesterol, moisten intestines, prevent colorectal cancer and promote gastrointestinal digestion.

Chinese food therapy:

1. Energy supplement: contains carbohydrates and sugars, which can rapidly provide energy for the body.

2. Improve immunity:

Protein: it is the most important nutrient to maintain the immune function, which is the main component of white blood cells and antibodies.

Vitamin C: it can protect cells, enhance the activity of white blood cells and antibodies, stimulate the body to produce interferon, destroy virus and reduce the loss of white blood cells.

3. Detoxification: rich in vitamin C, it is helpful to detoxify the liver. Clean up the toxins accumulated in the body for a long time to improve health. Increase the activity of immune cells and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

4. Nourishing liver: it can promote the circulation of liver qi and relieve liver depression. It is rich in vitamins, which can protect hepatocytes and prevent toxin from damaging hepatocytes.

5. Anti aging and anti radiation: it has a strong ability to remove free radicals, and has the functions of anti radiation, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and improving immunity.

6. Removing fat and reducing blood pressure: make blood pressure easier to control, expand capillary, reduce blood viscosity and improve microcirculation. It can soften and protect blood vessels, reduce blood lipid and cholesterol in human body. It contains more vitamin C, which can prevent atherosclerosis or some cardiovascular diseases.

How to choose red heart dragon fruit

The overripe pitaya will be soft if pressed lightly by hand. It may be in danger of bursting after being cut.

Domestic and imported from the naked eye, can use its long out of the 'tentacles' to distinguish. It's short and dense, it's made in China. The long ones are not very dense, they are imported.

Eating taboo of red heart Pitaya

Diabetes patients take a small amount.

Fitness of red heart pitaya fruit

People who are prone to fatigue, those who work in polluted environment, those who are addicted to smoking, those who are engaged in vigorous exercise and high-intensity labor, and those who take medicine for a long time. It is helpful for the treatment of congestion, purple cough, bleeding and other symptoms, pigment spots, cataracts and scurvy.