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Can I get a loan for down payment? How to apply for "wage loan" when buying a house

Now the price of real estate is becoming more and more fierce. It's a big deal for us to purchase real estate. After all, there are a few families who can pay in full. Can I get a loan for down payment? How can I apply for a 'wage loan' for a house? Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge.

1. Borrow money from relatives and friends

This is a very common way. If you are lucky enough to have a small pension or a deposit, you can consider asking your parents for help, or looking for seven aunties to help you. This kind of way can be returned at any time and in any amount in the future. But also must remember, regardless of the amount of the loan must make a good note, but also in their own capacity to bear the scope, the so-called borrowing and returning, then borrowing is not difficult.

2. Resale of valuables

If you have old cars, old houses or other valuables at home, you may as well sell them off. Generally speaking, unless the gap is large, or a large amount of money is really needed, it can be used in this way. The cycle of this cash transfer method is relatively long. If you really need to use this method, you need to find a good seller first and then buy a house.

3. Using provident fund skillfully

Pay the accumulation fund to use the accumulation fund, because the accumulation fund can be withdrawn. However, it should be noted that the provident fund cannot be directly used for down payment. First, the down payment shall be advanced, and then the balance of provident fund shall be withdrawn with the purchase contract and relevant bills.

4. Realization of marketable securities

If you buy funds, stocks, etc. on a regular basis, you can sell them when you need money. Although you may lose part of your money if you cash in a hurry, it's also a way when you can't borrow money.

5. Using credit cards

If the gap of down payment is not big, and it can be collected in a short time, then the down payment can be fully paid by credit card. The credit card quota of some commercial banks is relatively high, and it can also be divided into installments. If the fixed quota is not enough, the temporary quota can be increased. However, it is recommended to consult with the bank whether it can do so first to avoid being judged as cash arbitrage by the bank.

6. Open source and reduce expenditure

We should not only reduce unnecessary expenses, but also find ways to see if we can make more money. After all, money is earned, not saved. If there are multiple ways to make money, the pressure of life may be relieved, such as fund, stock, or other financial management methods. If you are sure, you can try it.

7. Apply for 'payroll loan'

In general, if there is no down payment, the bank will not lend, but there will always be exceptions. If you are a civil servant and have policy care, there will be a loan for civil servants' wages. In this way, you may be able to raise funds through loans, provided that you have the civil servant's identity, and the public institutions and personnel in the establishment can also apply. In addition to institutions and staff, some enterprises also have similar benefits.