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What are the functions of tea in killing green? How to operate the killing

When it comes to tea green, do you know if there are any tea friends? Green is a very important tea making process, and most of the tea needs to be green, so what are the functions of tea green? How to operate green? Interested tea friends can have a look.

1、 The role of tea in killing green

1. 'kill' the green air, then you can send out the fragrance

Like the leaves of many other plants, if gently rubbed, the fresh leaves of tea trees will produce a kind of plant fragrance, and there will be a kind of uncomfortable green smell, which can usually be called green odor, green grass odor or green odor.

To kill green tea is simply to fry tea in a hot pot. In this way, some green gas will be emitted, and some green gas will be converted into aroma substances.

2. Stir fry the tea until it is soft, then the next step can be carried out

Stir fried tea is very similar to stir fried vegetables. Stir fry the fresh leaves of tea trees under the pot for a few times. Some water evaporates through the hot air. The hard and crisp tea will become soft immediately. After softening, the plasticity of tea becomes stronger, and then it can be kneaded to make all kinds of shapes.

3. Stop fermentation and freeze tea

The fragrance of tea and the softening of tea bars are all the changes we can observe. When it comes to the essence and the most important role of killing, it is to stop fermentation.

We often say that tea can be divided into six categories according to different tea making processes, and the most essential difference of tea making processes is the difference of fermentation degree. Just like the camera 'clicks', freeze the picture and stop the time. To kill green tea is to stop the fermentation process of tea, so the type of tea is determined.

Green tea is not fermented, and green tea is not fermented.

Tea fermentation for a period of time and then green, forming a half fermented oolong tea.

Tea completely fermentation does not need to be green, it has become a fully fermented black tea.

2、 Why can killing stop fermentation?

In fact, tea fermentation needs a kind of thing called 'enzyme' in tea to catalyze. The enzyme is afraid of high temperature, killing the enzyme, and the fermentation is terminated.

3、 How to do it?

Most of the tea is made by stir frying, but different tea uses different stir frying tools and techniques,

In addition, there is a very small part of the tea using steam, referred to as steam green. Steaming is a very old way to kill green tea, that is, steaming tea, removing the green gas of tea, and ending the fermentation of tea. At present, the steaming technology is still used in Enshi Yulu of Hubei Province and pan fried tea and Matcha of Japan. If you don't kill enough, the tea will have an unpleasant green taste. If you kill too much, the tea will turn yellow and dark, even scorched.