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What is nuqing chicken in nuqing Xiangxi? What's the power of nuqing chicken

Once it was broadcast, it won numerous favorable comments. Don't miss friends who like the theme of "ghost blowing lamp" or tomb robbing. In the west of Hunan Province, there are many ghosts in the original works, such as six winged centipede, Xiangxi corpse king, etc. and nuqing chicken, one of the main characters. Maybe there are many little friends who don't know what nuqing chicken is. In fact, nuqing chicken is a rooster specially used to deal with centipedes. Last night, nuqing chicken officially appeared, so what is nuqing chicken? Why is it so powerful?

What is nuqing chicken?

After the launch of angry light blowing by ghosts in Xiangxi, it won praise from countless people. It was only one night that it got a good score of 8.5 points, which was admired by many people. Chen Yulou found the underground palace of Pingshan, which was full of poisonous centipedes. After the public found angry chicken, they went to the underground palace again, but they didn't want the boss in the underground palace to be too cruel. The younger martial brother of the partridge sentry, Laoyang Ren and the younger martial sister Hualing, therefore Get killed.

It's believed that the centipedes in the underground palace make many audience's scalp numb. They have strange poisons on them. Any living creature will flow into a pool of water immediately after being bitten. When Chen Yulou first went down to the underground palace, many brothers died.

In fact, this is not the most vicious one in the underground palace. Any group will have a leader, even the centipede. The most poisonous one in the underground palace should be the six winged centipede. The centipede is even higher than people and can even withstand the attack of ordinary guns.

The natural enemy of centipede is rooster, and nuqing rooster is more powerful than common rooster, because it is specially used to deal with scorpion and centipede in ancient tomb. When the "nuqing Xiangxi" was publicized, nuqing rooster was also known as the protagonist of the play, which is enough to see the position of nuqing Rooster in this battle.

However, the six winged centipede in the underground palace is so cruel that the younger martial brothers and younger martial sisters of the partridge outpost are all killed. The only one left is the partridge outpost who moved the mountain in a small number.

Nu Qingji solved the first problem for Chen Yulou and others, but they still looked down on these poisons. The six winged centipede killed many people, especially Hua Ling and the old foreigner. It's a pity that this boss is not simple, worthy of living in the ancient tomb for such a long time.

Introduction of nuqing chicken prototype

The nuqing chicken in the TV series and novels "nuqing Xiangxi" is a kind of Phoenix. It looks like a big rooster, but it's a little bigger than the common rooster, but it's immune to all kinds of poisons. It's not a common rooster's call, but a phoenix's call, so it's called Fengming nuqing chicken.

Nuqing chicken is close to being in the movie and TV series of ghost blowing lamp. It is a rooster used by Chen Yulou and partridge whistle to deal with scorpion, poisonous insect and centipede in the tomb.

In the novel, although nuqing chicken is invincible to all kinds of poisons, it is inserted into the abdominal cavity by the black pipa, the king of scorpion, before dying. It passes through the body and breaks one of its chicken feet with scorpion pincers. Finally, one chicken and one scorpion die together.

Nuqing chicken was found by a partridge whistle. If it is not a partridge whistle, it must be slaughtered and eaten by local villagers as a common rooster. Rather than being slaughtered and eaten by human beings, it's better to die with the black pipa, the king of scorpion, so that at least we can die.