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Rural social security pays 500 yuan every year! How much pension can I get after 15 years

Rural social security, as the name implies, refers to rural social insurance, which mainly includes endowment insurance and rural cooperative medical insurance. This kind of insurance is mainly used to protect the basic life of farmers after their old age, and it is an important measure to realize "the old have a basis, the old have a pension". Rural social security pays 500 yuan every year! How much can I get from my pension after 15 years?

The basic pension is paid by the state finance. As long as you are under 60 years old, you can get a basic pension of 75 yuan no matter whether you pay endowment insurance or not.

Personal account pension formula = total amount of personal financial subsidies + total bank interest 139.

If you start to pay the new rural insurance at the age of 45, you can pay 500 yuan a year, which is (500x15 + 60x15 + / 139 = 65 yuan bank interest).

50015 is 500 yuan per year multiplied by 15 years; 60 yuan of financial subsidies multiplied by 15 years; 139 is a coefficient based on the average life span of 71.5 years, 60 years and 11.5 years of Chinese people's X12 months.

After 60, the monthly pension is about 70 + 65 = 135 yuan.

If you pay, the man is 45 and the girl is 40. The highest 10-year payment is 62952 yuan. When a man is 60 and a girl is 55, he can pay for 15 years, 94428 yuan, with a maximum monthly income of 1300 yuan.

Take back six years if you don't die later, you can designate the successor's individual to pay the remaining part of the principal.