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How does the female student ovulate period calculate? Calculation of ovulation period in female stud

Female friends come to my aunt every month. There is a regular ovulation period like my aunt. If you want to get pregnant successfully, you must calculate your own ovulation period. How about ovulation period? What are the methods for calculating ovulation period?

How to calculate the female ovulation period

1. Menstrual cycle calculation method: this calculation method needs to record 8 consecutive menstrual cycles, find out the longest and shortest days of the cycle, and take a range value according to the length of different cycles. Because most women ovulate more about 14 days after menstruation, it can be calculated according to the ovulation cycle.

2. Calculation method of cervical mucus: cervical mucus is a substance produced by special cells of the uterus. When the follicle matures, the amount of leucorrhea will gradually increase and become thin into egg white. Women will have an increase in secretion during ovulation, which may be the coming of ovulation.

3. Body temperature measurement calculation method: according to the survey, most women's body temperature is low before ovulation, and gradually increases with ovulation, and then slowly decreases until the next menstruation. Measurement method: measure the basic body temperature before getting up in the morning, record it, form a line chart according to the body temperature data recorded by yourself, and observe the change process of body temperature for 3 months. Note that special conditions such as fever, cold and drinking should be recorded.

When is ovulation

Ovulation needs to be based on each situation, different people will appear at different times. In the normal menstrual cycle, the ovulation period is usually 14 days before the next menstruation. If the menstrual cycle is abnormal, the ovulation period may fluctuate before and after, and individual endocrine, emotional and other factors will affect ovulation. Therefore, we calculated the approximate time of ovulation plus the first five days and the last four days of ovulation, that is, the ovulation period. If you want to know exactly which day ovulation is, you can use ovulation test paper and basic body temperature two side method to calculate.

Ovulation symptoms

1. Appetite drops, these days the majority of women have poor appetite, the amount of food is smaller.

2. It's energy. During ovulation, women's instinct makes them like to express themselves more.

3. It's a strong sexual desire, because these days are the time when pregnancy is possible.