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What are the differences between Ma Yun and the rich in China

Our understanding of Ma Yun is too one-sided. We only know that he is the founder of Alibaba. He has the largest e-commerce platform in China. He is an excellent entrepreneur. In addition, how much has Ma Yun influenced the world? Previously, Ma Yun was rated as "top 10 thinkers" by foreign media, while there are so many rich people in the world who have more wealth than Ma Yun, and there are also many in China. Why is only Ma Yun on the list? How is Ma Yun different?

Some time ago, Ma Yun was selected as the world's' top ten thinkers' by foreign media. Other selected people are also successful people with high international popularity and social status. As the only entrepreneur on the list in China, Ma Yun is not the first in wealth. At present, Xu Jiayin has more wealth than Ma Huateng. How could he be different from other rich people in China?

First of all, compared with the low-key of other entrepreneurs, Ma Yun is much higher. I saw him speaking everywhere and went abroad to give a speech. In addition, Ma Yun's speech is very inflammatory, so in this regard, Ma Yun's reputation is higher than others.

Secondly, Ma Yun's concept is particularly advanced. When there is no concept of e-commerce in China, he overcame the difficulty of rushing and founded Taobao. Since then, a series of measures have advanced vision. Ma Yun's positioning for Alibaba is to serve tens of millions of merchants and enterprises. He does not directly run his own business. When he serves them well, he earns a certain service fee, so that there is no hard business in the world.

Ma also often travels abroad to meet with leaders of some countries. And through the way of e-commerce, provide technical support for some small countries to help them sell the goods that were difficult to sell. Finally, it can be seen that Ma Yun's thought is unusual, that is, he has launched the function of ant forest. Many people may think it's just a game, but actually there is a forest of vegetation. Strive to change the desert environment. In the past few years, 56 million trees have been planted, which is not enough. Ma's plan is to plant up to 500 million trees in five years.

Ma's company has also been named by Fortune magazine as one of the 50 companies that have changed the world. To have such a series of achievements is enough to show that Ma Yun's thought is really far-reaching enough, and what he has done is not the same as other rich people in China. Ma Yun is equivalent to making money while improving people's lives. What do you think of this