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Which role does Yan Shi play? How does the character end up

Yiyiyiqianxi and huangzitao are both popular male stars now. I was told that yiyiyiqianxi and huangzitao would cooperate to play the TV series "new youth of yanshifan". Now yanshifan is about to start broadcasting. I wonder if there are any friends who are curious about the role of yanshiqianxi and the final outcome?

Which role does Qianxi play

In the TV series "the new youth of Yan Shifan", Yi Suqian Xi plays the role of a Yi. A Yi is a young boy who has a miserable fate and lives with his adoptive father, but he is brave, upright, and pure in the sun. He was recruited by him to join a special Palace Guard Organization: Yan Shifan. After a series of cruel selection and task tests, Yi and Yan Shifan have forged a deep friendship and faced all kinds of difficulties and obstacles in the turbulent era. Finally, the awakened Yi found the ideal of joining the revolutionary party and the Qing government. Facing the difficulties and challenges, he was calm and brave.

Based on the unique background of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the new youth of Yan Shifan incorporated a legend of reviving the Royal Guard Organization Yan Shifan into the real historical events. A group of young people who have witnessed and participated in the fission of the times have been created in the in-depth writing of the times.

The ending of new youth a Yi

What is it learned that in the TV play "new youth of gorgeous potential", Yi did not die. Although the stand between Yi and chongliming was opposite, Yi finally inspired chongliming to avoid the love and killing between the two brothers.

In the end, the awakened Yi found the ideal of joining in the revolution and saving the nation. He joined the revolutionary party and the Qing government. Chongliming also accepted the revolution and joined hands with Yi to promote peaceful negotiation, become the escort of historical peaceful transition, and witness the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and the coming of a new era.

Before the release of the fixed film, the opening lightning, split the fog. With the fast-paced editing, chongliming and Yi stand side by side to uncover the changes behind the image. In the increasingly fierce background music, the historical tide is also undergoing irreversible changes. Once intimate two people because of different beliefs and separated. Confused eyes highlight their struggle and hesitation in turbulent times. However, when the flower reaches its climax, the awakened chongliming and Yi reunite because of their faith. They put on military uniforms to join the revolutionary party, and together in many tests, they gradually mature and transform into real soldiers.