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What are the movies about ice and snow? Take stock of the classic films related to snow

Snow is the Spring Festival, snow is also romantic. If summer is like fire, think of a gypsy girl, and winter snow is a French gentle and elegant girl. Many films of different themes are shot in snow. What are the foreign films related to ice and snow?

Polar lovers: there are many things in the world that never end, such as love. Winter is a season for love. There will be a lot of beautiful sceneries in places related to snow. This film polar Lovers has launched a discussion on fate in Finland.

Edward Scissorhands: who do you think of in snowy days? If you love me, please cut a snowflake for me. Where there is snow, there is a moving romantic plot. The most moving plot in Edward Scissorhands is the snow. Where there is Edward Scissorhands, there is snow. Where there is snow, there is warmth of love.

The movie "the story of the eight heroes of loyal dogs": five stars of warmth index! It is said that if the dog thinks you are its master, this memory will run through his life. The eight heroes believe that the master will come back. Even if he didn't wait a day or a month, he still believes.

The movie "old boy": the film ends in the snow in the mountains. The mountains far away from the society and the social system that imprisons people. However, the silent and pure snow seems to eliminate those deadly 'rumors', wash all the sins, and only love is all inclusive

The movie "warm light inside": this movie sets up a concept of "eliminating memory". But when the memory drops, he is not willing to forget her.

True love first: This is a series of tender stories around Christmas. It is said that Christmas is also a day of "say love out loud". If you really love me, please let me know!

Siberian Barber: a Russian man and an American woman, two different cultural backgrounds, a love tragedy in winter.