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How to register the new version of wechat QQ? QQ registration wechat process list

we all know that you can use your mobile phone to sign up for wechat account. How to sign up for the new version of wechat QQ? QQ registered wechat process at a glance. 1. Enter wechat and click Register.

2. Enter the mobile number here to get the verification code.

3. After entering the verification code, you will be required to fill in the nickname. Just fill it in at will and click Register.

4. Add address book friends to add later, skip here.

5. At this time, we have already registered, but what we need to do next is to unbind the mobile phone and bind the QQ number. Click settings.

6. Click [my account].

7. Click [QQ No.].

8. Click Start binding.

9. The QQ number is bound successfully, as shown in the following figure. At this time, the mobile phone number is unbound (the order cannot be reversed, you must first bind QQ, because you must have a bound account).

10. Click the icon in the upper right corner and click OK.

11. Log in with QQ number after exiting.