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What are the hottest online dramas in 2019

In recent years, there is no lack of interesting and good-looking online dramas, so what are the best ones to watch or look forward to in 2019? At present, the hottest rage of ghost blowing lights in Xiangxi has to be mentioned. The actor's acting skills are online, and the story is fascinating. Very good. Today, Xiaobian will tell you what other popular online dramas will be in 2019 besides the rage of ghost blowing lights.

Hottest online drama list 2019

1. The rage of ghosts blowing lights

"Angry Xiangxi with ghosts blowing lights" is adapted from the world's dominant singing novel "angry Xiangxi with ghosts blowing lights", produced by Penguin film, Wanda film, 7 impression culture media, supervised by Guan Hu and directed by Fei Zhenxiang. Pan Yueming, Gao Weiguang, Xin Zhilei and other leading stars of the suspense series online drama.

2. Chasing murderers in the daytime and Night2

Although there were some good online dramas before "white night pursuit", none of them can reach the height of "white night pursuit". "White night pursuit" is definitely a milestone in the history of online drama. Pan Yueming also won the title of God through this play. In fact, white night pursuit 2 was put on the agenda in 2017, just because of the rigor of the script. The good news is that "white night pursuit 2" has basically been determined to be broadcast online in 2019, and it will be upgraded on the basis of maintaining the original team.

3. Tomb robbing notes: Yunding heavenly palace

Starring: Qin Junjie, Ren Jialun and Yao Xingtong. In 2019, "ghost blows the lamp" was broadcast, and "notes on tomb robbing" naturally can't fall behind. The cooperation between Qin Junjie and Ren Jialun is very promising. They can group CP directly. Xiaobian thinks that watching their plays is a little bit like watching Hu Ge and Huo Jianhua's cooperation. Qin Junjie and Ren Jialun cheer up. We are looking forward to your "blockbuster" in 2019.

4. Full time expert

Full time master This script is a very popular novel. Later it was shot by Yang Yang. Yang Yang is a very well-known actor. His acting skills and face value are recognized in the entertainment circle. Before that, he smiled a little and was very popular in the city. He saw everyone's recognition. But when shooting a full-time expert, people worried that Yang Yang could not master the role of Ye Xiu very well A lot of people are looking forward to the play.

5. golden pupil

Starring: Zhang Yixing, Wang Zixuan. Although there are a lot of small fresh meat in the entertainment circle, it's hard to find a high-quality idol like Zhang Yixing. Some little fresh meat doesn't do their work well, and they are pure moths all day long. But Zhang Yixing has really improved his acting skills under the influence of his five brothers since he participated in the variety show extreme challenge. This year, everyone can see the transformation of Zhang Yixing in Huang Bo's film a good play. Starring in the popular IP drama golden pupil, I believe Zhang Yixing will continue to surprise us.

6. Central Bureau of antiques

Starring: Xia Yu, Qiao Zhenyu, Wang Gang, Zeng Jiang. It's different from other online dramas that focus on "little fresh meat". "Antiques bureau" is starring veteran actors. Even Qiao Zhenyu, who looks like "Hua Meinan", has been acting for 18 years. And pan Yueming will also play a friendly role in the antiques Bureau. "Antiques bureau" is very likely to become the blockbuster in the online drama market in 2019.

7. The moon knows nothing

Starring: Song Xi, Ou Hao. It was finished in June this year. Shanyue knows nothing about the bottom of her heart is adapted from xinyiwu's novel of the same name. Xinyiwu is a famous female writer. All her works were bought by the film and television company and adapted into films and TV plays. For example, Zhao Wei's "to our lost youth" and Liu Yifei's "you are still here". Song Xi's role this time is very close to her own image. Seizing the opportunity, Song Xi, it's time for you to fully blossom in the film and TV series.

8. Twelve hours in Chang'an

Starring: Lei Jiayin, Yishuai Qianxi, Zhou Yiwei. It's also an online play that Xiaobian is looking forward to very much. For this reason, the editor went to see Ma Boyong's original novel of the same name. The plot of "twelve hours of Chang'an" is very compact as time goes on. Full of male hormones, it is said that "twelve hours of Chang'an" will be the first online drama without a heroine. In 2019, we will meet the audience in the form of seasonal broadcast.

9. winds

Starring: Xu Lu, Wen Yongshan, Yang Youning. The classic spy war movie "wind" has finally been adapted into a TV series. The roles of Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing are played by Xu Lu and Wen Yongshan respectively. Wenyongshan, as the originator of young model, has fallen behind angelababy in popularity. But in recent two years, wenyongshan has made great progress in film and TV series, and has nominated the Hong Kong Film Golden Award for many times. 2019 will also be a year of harvest for wenyongshan.

10. Sansheng III Pillow Book

Starring: delireba, Gao Weiguang. It's said that in 2019, the most anticipated TV series will surely be the book on the pillow of the third life by delireba. It's not sure whether "three lives and three lives on the pillow" will be broadcasted on the star or online. It is said that we will meet in the second half of 2019 if the online play is broadcasted, but it will wait until 2020 if the online play is broadcasted. I don't know which way would you like to broadcast the book of three lives and three lives?