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How to use air cushion BB Cream correctly? Make up procedure using air cushion BB

Air cushion BB cream is the favorite of many girls. For girls who can use it, air cushion BB cream is a good make-up tool, while girls who can't use it correctly will find it difficult to master and often jam powder. So how to use air cushion BB is right? It's better to master the right method, isn't it?

First step, wash your face

Clean the dirt on your face, whether it is applying a mask or makeup, it is sure to wash your face. But many people ignore this step. They think that it doesn't matter whether they wash or not wash their face. In fact, they will put dirt on their faces and apply them to their faces, which will make the skin worse.

Step 2: Moisturizing

After cleaning the face, pat some toner or make-up water on the face to make the freshly washed face less tense. Apply some makeup milk or other functional lotion, lock the moisture on your face. Make the skin moist, so that the makeup won't stick powder, make the makeup look more comfortable and natural.

Step 3: painting and isolation

It's necessary to apply isolation before applying makeup. If your isolation doesn't work, you can put on another layer of sunscreen and makeup. If you want to have better isolation effect, you can apply another layer of isolation cream before applying sunscreen. If the isolation cream also has sunscreen effect, you can not apply sunscreen again.

Step 4: apply BB

Press down with a powder puff and dip in the right amount of air cushion BB. This is not going to go back and forth like a powder cake. It must be pressed down. Otherwise, not only can't get BB cream body, but also can make puff wear. Then press evenly on the face, first from the T area to the outside, until the whole face is coated with BB cream. If you want to keep your makeup longer, you can use powder to make up.