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Can woman drink Lily soup during menstruation? What is the effect of Baihe Decoction during menstrua

lily is not only an ornamental plant for everyone to appreciate, but also a kind of medicinal material. Can women drink Lily soup during menstruation? What effect does menstrual period drink Lily soup? Come and have a look.


Lily has rich nutritional value. For example, it can moisten the lungs and stop coughing, and it can also help people calm down and sleep. Therefore, for menstrual women, Lily soup can be drunk.

Especially some women who are grumpy and out of control during menstruation, drinking Baihe soup can alleviate their mood and people's depression.

In fact, lily also has a very good cosmetic effect, because it contains rich vitamins, can nourish the skin, so drinking Lily soup during menstruation can also improve the skin of female friends.