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How to make beancurd quickly? What are the ways to make putrefaction quickly

Yuzhu is very delicious and is one of the essential dishes on the table. But if you want to eat it, you should first soak it well and hair in advance, or it will be very hard and can't eat it. If you want to soak it well, experienced people know that it's best to soak it for two hours. It's a real hassle to think about. So today, Xiaobian will teach you some ways to quickly soak up the beancurd. Come to study.

Fermented beancurd with white vinegar

First, we take out a bowl and break the beancurd into small pieces by hand. Then add warm water (about 30 degrees is the best), and the water must be no more than the beancurd. Then put in a bottle of white vinegar. Because white vinegar can accelerate the foaming of beancurd, use a smaller bowl or plate than the container to buckle on the water surface, and try to immerse all beancurd pieces under the water for five minutes. You'll find that soon the beancurd will be fully soaked.

Salted beancurd

Yuzhu is very popular because it is delicious and nutritious. However, before eating the beancurd, you need to soak the beancurd. The general method is relatively slow. We can break the beancurd cloth into 5cm pieces and put them in the basin, and add some warm water into the basin. Then we add a little salt, which can make the beancurd absorb water quickly and make the beancurd cleaner. Let's stir it with chopsticks. Finally, we prepare a plate and buckle it on the beancurd. The purpose of this connection is to isolate the beancurd from the outside world so that the water temperature doesn't drop too fast. Moreover, we can also press some surface floating beancurd into it, so that beancurd will absorb more water.

Fermented beancurd in microwave oven

It's also a good way to make beancurd in microwave oven. Use a container with a cover to heat it for three to five minutes, and it'll be ready soon, depending on the amount of beancurd.