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New year's greetings in 2019

Looking at the 2019 new year, I quietly came to my side. I have prepared a lot of blessings for the new year. I have also prepared a lot of New Year greetings for the 2019 pig year. There are 20 selected new year's greetings for the year of 2019. Every blessing is as warm as spring, and every greeting is wonderful.

A selection of new year's greetings in 2019

1. It's a beautiful year again. On the occasion of the coming new year, I wish you a happy Spring Festival, better luck and health, and make money every day. I wish you all the things you want!

2. The new year's bell has been ringing, blessing words are flying all over the sky. Dear friends, I would like to convey happiness with blessings. I hope you will be happy, healthy and safe in the New Year!

3. New year is coming. Good luck is the first photo. I hope all your troubles will stay in last year. This year, I'll start from the beginning and give you new hope. Hi!

4. The Spring Festival is coming soon, and the phone and wechat are bursting. I want to say hello to you in advance so as not to join the party. I wish you a full meal, a good night's sleep, get up early in the morning, a high salary, and a prosperous New Year!

5. The time of family reunion is coming. I'll give you an early worship. I wish you all the best in the New Year!

6. Firecrackers, the year of the pig, Spring Festival Gala to send blessings, the program is good, the masses cheered, the new year's weather, wish wealth and hope, wish you a successful career, happy family, step by step.

7. The golden age is prosperous, the new year's new year's people are happy, happy and singing, and Mount Tai is magnificent. Hundreds of flowers bloom in spring, and there are more auspicious signs every year. Good luck, good fortune, good spirit, happy family. Happy Spring Festival!

8. No money, no worry, no pride, life is not easy, contentment is the best, happiness is more, worry is less, health is often accompanied, peace is shrouded, friendship is hugged, family affection is around, ziqidonglai, fortune is around, spring is not here, blessing is early. Happy New Year 2019!

9. I wish you a smooth sailing, two dragons flying, three sheep Kaitai, four seasons of peace, five blessings on the door, six six Dashun, seven stars shining high, eight sides to finance, nine concentric, perfect.

10. Apart from the sound of firecrackers, I wish you peace. The end of the world is looking forward to reunion and a long life. The happiness, anger, sorrow and happiness are all plain, and the bitter and spicy fragrance is sweet. Wish you a happy year of pig!

11, relay pig year, blessing, for the year of the pig, good luck, golden sheep jump, auspicious to; golden sheep swing, life more awesome; golden sheep dancing, festive flavor is thicker. The year of the pig is so busy. I'll ask you by SMS. Happy New Year!

12. Sunrise and sunset = day and night; moon and stars = infinite missing; wintersweet and snowflake = looking forward to the new year; meteor heart language = blessing thousands; wish you a happy new year every day!

13. Valentine's day, Chinese and western festivals get together again. The sound of firecrackers is filled with the fragrance of roses; the sound of new year's greetings is filled with the sweetness of chocolate. Sunshine warms family, moon accompanies romance. Wish you a happy Spring Festival and Valentine's Day!

14. New spring wish: the price is not expensive, one-way charging, delicious everyday, never drunk, not tired of work, a test, husband and wife original match, not afraid of PK, sweet day, no thief in the world, world auspicious, harmonious society, no one left behind.

15. The auspicious new year brings happiness, adds good health, accompanies you with a good life, and brings you happiness. The year of the pig is auspicious, and everything goes well. I wish you a happier and happier new year.

16. You are my deepest missing, you are my endless hanging, let the wind carry my blessing; let the cloud carry my greetings: wish you a happy New Year!

17. When the Spring Festival arrives, you will be pleasantly surprised: first, you will be lucky, and everything will be smooth; second, you will be lucky, healthy, and happy; third, you will be rich, and your house will be filled with gold and silver; and last, you will be happy, and you will be happy.

18. Spring bell, new year's step, wish the new year's bell, ring the happy note in your heart, luck and peace, such as the footsteps of spring closely follow! Spring, autumn, I will always be with you!

19. One catty of melon seeds and two catties of jujube, I wish you good luck early; one catty of sugar and two catties of banana, I wish you luck and won't run; one catty of peanuts and two catties of peach, I wish you money rolling into your pocket!

20. In the new year, I wish you all the best. My wishes are a little plain, but they all come from the heart and soul. In the past few days of the new year, the number of SMS is getting less and less. Today, I must send you the first message. I wish you a smooth and safe year!