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Does dyeing hair cause hair loss? It's safer to dye your hair several times a year

Dyeing hair is actually harmful to the body. Often dyeing hair will make the hair lose luster and become hairy. It is also easy to lose hair. So if you want to dye your hair, how many times a year is safe? For your own hair health, let's have a look.

Does dyeing lose hair

It will lose the hair, and it is also a very serious situation. Oxidants will make the hair lose luster, seriously damage the nutrition of the hair, which is very direct to the protein damage in the hair. Because many of the main components of hair dyes are oxidants, oxidants will have a great destructive effect on the keratin of hair, which is easy to damage our hair quality and make the hair become very dry, fragile and easy to break, which will lead to hair loss in the long run.

The frequency of hair dyeing should be controlled at about twice a year. It's better not to dye hair. Natural hair dyes are harmful to the body, and there is a risk of cancer in serious cases. In particular, some permanent hair dyes will bring many adverse reactions: such as itching and allergies on the scalp, and even nausea and dizziness.

It's safe to dye your hair several times a year

The suggestion is twice, but because the composition of hair dye is different, the harm to people is totally different. Hair dyeing is usually done once every three months in a good state of care, but not more than four times a year.

The care after hair dyeing is the most important thing. We must eat more protein rich food and expel the toxin of hair dye as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body. Hair coloring hair coloring hair coloring should not be hair coloring. Hair should be shampoo for the first week. Hair oil from scalp can protect hair. If scalp is wound and ulcerated, it is not suitable for hair coloring. Skin sensitivity test should be done 48 hours before hair dyeing. Before smear, apply emulsion or vaseline to hair and ear, so as to prevent hair dye from damaging skin. If hair is mild, adverse reactions should be stopped immediately.

Can hair dyeing cause cancer

Can cause cancer, the composition that dye hair is more complex, pigment inside contains carcinogenic composition, and a lot of natural hair dye also can have carcinogenic composition, but the number of times that dye hair still needs to be controlled. Twice a year. Oxidation hair dye, also known as permanent hair dye, is the most harmful to human body. This kind of hair dye is not easy to fall off because of the color after dyeing, and it is more durable. It can also present different colors according to the oxidation degree of the oxidant, which is very popular with everyone, and the use amount is the largest. Most of these hair dyes are on the market.

The times of hair dyeing can only be twice. The general hair dye has a serious impact on the body. It's not necessary to often dye or pay attention to hair care. As long as not frequent contact with hair dye, generally speaking, do not worry. However, enough attention has been paid to these carcinogenic risks.