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How is Chen Yulou blind in the west of Hunan? Wounded by the gas in the tomb

Recently, the Tomb Raider series "ghost blowing lamp rage in the west of Hunan" is on the air. Have you chased the play? In fact, the whole article begins with the memories of Chen Yulou. How can Chen Yulou be blind? Let's get to know.

Chen Yulou's eyes were injured by poisonous gas when he stole the tomb of Xian Wang in Yunnan Province. In order to save his life, he had to dig out his own eyes. The world bully sang it in the book "Yunnan insect valley of ghosts blowing lights". It was precisely because of this incident that Chen Yulou abandoned the work of robbing the tomb and lived as a vagrant fortune teller.

When he was young, Chen Baizi was a famous figure. He was the leader of the unloading mountain, one of the four families of tomb robbers. He was good at various arrays and was not good at force. He was similar to feng shui master. During the period of the Republic of China, he was a legendary figure in the world of tomb robbing. He had a pair of good eyes and was able to distinguish all kinds of magic tools. However, he was just sung to be blind by the author.

In the book "Yunnan insect Valley", the school captains who were searching for gold found out that there was an ancient tomb in Yunnan. There were hidden secrets in it. Chen Yulou went there without saying anything. However, the magic of Miao area in Yungui area was very powerful, and the Central Plains array could not solve these heresy, so Chen Yulou and other people suffered a lot here, but finally entered the ancient tomb.

At the moment of opening the ancient tomb, the poison gas spread quickly. Chen Yulou was caught in the eye by the poison gas because he couldn't dodge. Facing the array set by the people in the Miao area, Chen Yulou had no way. He had to dig out his eyes to avoid spreading them all over his body. Chen Yulou became a blind man from then on, called Chen blind.