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Can silkworms cure rubella and itch? Functions and taboos of sericulture

As there are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, the distinction between them is also ambiguous. For example, silkworm sand, the excrement of silkworm moth larvae, is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which is generally collected in summer, and contains very high medicinal ingredients. So can silkworm sand cure rubella and itch? Understand the function and taboo of sericulture.

1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that: silkworm sand is sweet, pungent and mild in nature. It has the functions of removing wind and dampness, dissolving turbid stomach, promoting blood circulation and unblocking collaterals. Usually, silkworm sand is used to treat human rheumatism, osteodynia or limb failure, amenorrhea or metrorrhagia and other diseases. So how to treat it? We can treat it by taking silkworm sand Decoction orally. The dosage is generally about 10-15g.

2. Silkworm sand has therapeutic effect on rubella and itch. For example, it is a common symptom that human beings have rubella and cause skin itch. During normal treatment, we can select silkworm sand and add appropriate water to boil it together. After boiling it, we can remove the residue and keep the liquid medicine. After the liquid medicine has cooled down, we can smear it on the affected part. We insist on treating rubella and itch 2 to 3 times a day The symptoms have a good effect.

3. Sericulture is also good for human headache. The symptoms of headache caused by external cold are obvious. When using sericulture, we can select sericulture, add Angelica dahurica, rhubarb and Sanqian, grind them into powder, then add Cong Tang to make paste, and directly apply the ointment to the acupoints on both sides of the head. The symptoms of headache can be alleviated quickly.

What's the function and effect of sericulture? When we know the function of sericulture, we can use it to treat diseases. If sericulture is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, we should try our best not to use it on our own, or follow the diagnosis and guidance of doctors, not to choose blindly, so as not to use it improperly and affect our health, because there are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine It's better to know more about it.