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How many days to spring 2019? What traditional food do we eat in spring

There are still 12 days to spring in 2019, that is, on February 4, the 30th of the lunar new year. Spring means spring is coming, and the weather is about to pick up. Our country pays attention to the traditional customs and diet, so what kind of traditional food will we eat in the first spring of 24 solar terms?

1. spring cake

Eating spring cake is one of the customs of Chinese people. In some areas, there is a custom of eating spring cakes at the beginning of spring. In the northeast and Beijing areas, spring cakes are the most delicious. It is said that spring cakes, as a traditional snack in Chaozhou, are evolved from ancient folk snacks in Chaozhou and need to be verified. Spring pancakes are pancakes made of flour. They are usually eaten with cabbage.

In the first place, pancakes and vegetables were put on a plate, which became the "spring plate". The Song Dynasty's "Guangji at the age of five" quoted the Tang Dynasty's "four seasons mirror" as saying: 'spring solar eclipse radish, spring cake, lettuce, spring plate. From the Song Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the wind of eating spring pancakes was flourishing, and there was a record that the emperor rewarded spring pancakes to all officials at the beginning of spring. According to the annals of Yandu tour in the Ming Dynasty: 'where spring day is established, the emperor gives the spring cake to all officials at the Meridian Gate. 'in the Qing Dynasty, there were more fillings for spring cakes. Now, people prepare small dishes or all kinds of stir fried vegetables, and eat spring cakes at will into the cake. Spring cake has the meaning of welcoming spring and praying for a good harvest.

2. spring plate

Spring dish, also known as "five spicy dish", is made of five kinds of spicy lettuce. "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "five spice vegetables, is the new year's day, spring onion, garlic, leek, Polygonum Artemisia, mustard xinnen vegetables miscellaneous and food, take welcome new meaning. 'this custom spread to Tang, song, Jin and Yuan Dynasties. For example, in the Yuan Dynasty, Yelu Chucai wrote the poem "making a poor spring plate in the post house on the first spring day", in which lotus root, pea, onion, Artemisia selengensis, leek and vermicelli were used as spring plates.

3. spring rolls

Spring roll, also known as spring cake, spring plate, pancake. It is a kind of traditional food for Chinese folk festivals. Popular all over China, especially in Jiangnan and other places. In South China, we don't eat dumplings, spring rolls and sesame dumplings for Spring Festival. In addition to providing food for their own families, the folk are often used for hospitality. Spring roll has a long history, evolved from the ancient spring cake.

4. radish

In many places, the beginning of spring is also called "biting spring". The most representative food in the north is radish. Eating radish can be divided into gnawing, slicing, slicing, filling and other forms. Eating radish can not only solve the problem of spring, but also enhance women's fertility. It is also called "offspring Radish". Northern people like to eat raw radish, especially the heart of the United States and radish for the best.