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What is the curse of nuqing Xiangxi partridge whistle family? Are there really any dust beads in his

Gao Weiguang, the performer of the partridge whistle in the west of Hunan Province, gained a large number of fans and got a lot of attention. In the play, the partridge sentinel people are cursed by the queen of Jingjue. Only by finding the dust bead can the family curse be broken. So what is nuqing Xiangxi dust bead? Is it true in history? Let's see.

What is the curse of nuqing Xiangxi partridge whistle family

The tomb robbers in the ghost blows the lamp are divided into four major factions, namely, Fujin, faqiu, Yuling and Qianshan Taoist. Other factions are looking for ancient tombs to make money, but the Qianshan Taoist is not the same. They never look for money, but only for zhuchenzhu to relieve the curse.

The story background of angry Xiangxi with lights blown by ghosts is that after Hu Bayi and others came out of the ghost cave, they found the curse in their bodies, so they set out to find a solution to the curse, and finally found Chen blind, so they had this story. The partridge whistle in this story is Shirley Yang's grandfather.

In fact, the curse of the partridge whistle family started a long time ago. At that time, there was a zagrama tribe in the western regions. They found a bottomless hole. In order to see what was under the hole, they imitated the Phoenix gall, and were cursed by the ghost mother. Every cursed person would have an eye pattern on his back.

Those who are cursed by this curse will begin at the age of 40, the iron in their blood will gradually decrease, the blood will become more and more viscous, and people will be in great pain. They know that eventually they will die because of the reduction of blood oxygen supply and breathing difficulties. When they die, the blood will turn yellow.

The bottomless hole mentioned above is the ghost hole that Hu Bayi and them went to later, which is the source of the beginning of the curse. If you want to remove the curse, you must find the dust bead.

In order to survive, the people of the zagrama tribe can only stay away from the ghost cave, because the farther away they are, the later the attack time will be, but this does not mean that the curse will not happen. Most importantly, the curse will be inherited.

In order to explain the curse, the people of the zagrama tribe have been constantly searching for the dust beads to relieve the curse of their families. Gradually, they set out to move the mountain Taoist sect.

What is a dust ball

Gao Weiguang plays the role of "partridge whistle" in the play, which is Shirley Yang's grandfather. He is the leader of moving mountains. He takes his younger martial brother, the old foreigner and his younger martial sister, Hua Ling, to find out the zhuchenzhu which can solve the curse of the ethnic group, and goes around the tombs of various ancient tombs. He finds Pingshan mountain in Western Hunan, and meets Chen Yulou. They work together to explore the yuan tomb. One is zhuchenchenzhu, the other is for wealth.

In fact, the dust bead mentioned in the introduction of the story of the angry light blowing in the west of Hunan first appeared in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. It is said that Wuding, the thirty second emperor of the Shang Dynasty, found a huge jade eye and a red robe stained with gold in a collapsed mountain. Wuding thought that the ancient jade eye was left after the immortalization of the Yellow Emperor and was extremely precious. He named it "dust bead". So he ordered people to make a tripod Anniversary.

It's said that the dust bead is a Phoenix made by the earth mother. Since the Shang and Zhou dynasties, it has been considered that it can be cultivated into an immortal through this artifact, which has the effect of reborn, but it needs to be in a special place to play its role. King Wen of Zhou once recorded these contents in the book of heaven in detail.

Is there really a dust bead in history

According to the novel of the same name adapted by Tianxia hegemonic, the rage of the ghost blowing the lamp in the west of Hunan, after being broadcast, there was a high degree of enthusiasm. The partridge whistle, as a mountain moving Taoist, was always looking for zhuchenzhu. Zhuchenzhu not only can relieve his curse, but also can make people live forever. It is a treasure that many people are fighting for.

In fact, in real life, there are also zhuchenzhu, but it's not as magical as described in the novel. Zhuchenzhu first appeared in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. It's said that Wuding, the thirty second emperor of the Shang Dynasty, once found a jade giant eye and a red robe in a collapsed mountain.

He thought that this ancient jade eye was left after the immortalization of the Yellow Emperor, and it was extremely precious. He named it "the dust bead". Later, the dust bead was buried in Maoling. Later, the red eyebrow army vigorously excavated it, and the dust bead was then exiled to the people.

The partridge whistle has been looking for the dust beads. He is not to live forever, but to break the curse. He is the descendant of the zagrama nationality. He was born with a curse. It is reported that long ago, his ancestors found a bottomless hole. In order to see the bottom of the hole, they imitated the Phoenix gall.

Unfortunately, the ghost mother got angry at the sacrifice ceremony. Because of being cheated, the ghost mother cursed them. Only when they were far away from the bottomless hole, the people could live for a long time. They had to move to the middle land. If they want to completely break the curse, they need to find the dust bead.