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What does it mean that I'm screwed up by life? The origin of his stem

Now a word on the Internet is very popular, that is, the word of "dish". The word with fire is "dish him". No matter what it is, just dish him right. And then came the word 'I've been set by life'. What's the reason why I'm being eaten by life? Let's get to know.

What's the problem with life

What's the reason why I've been living: I've been living, which means that I've been polished by life without edges and corners and become a round and sophisticated person. There is no young straight, angular character. Years have smoothed my edges and corners. In today's words, I have been living.

What does what teach him a lesson! Tiktok: teach him a lesson! What does he mean in the 2 set? First, in a video of a trembling voice, a girl wrote herself in the video: 'don't mind him. In the video, she holds two dried passion fruit plates. Many middle-aged and old people like 'playing ball' very much, because there are many acupoints in the palm. In fact, girls just use this for entertainment. No matter what it is, just holding the plate is right, after all, it's good for the body.

Because of the magic of his words, many netizens use the original sound to make videos, and there are all kinds of things on the disc. At first, it means to play with walnuts on your hands... Hand strings, coal balls and so on. Later, after the fire, everything can be made into plates. Don't ask why, the plates are right.

3. Origin of other stems

This dish is from the crosstalk "Wenwan". In the crosstalk, there is a sentence "dry, numb, not round at all, dish him!" dish him! "And" not round "are combined into a stem. After simplification, dish him is left. It's because of this. Later on, we said that we can make whatever we want. No matter what this is, can I have it in my hand? It's just a dish. It's brainwashing.