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How to set up wechat account protection and security? List of account protection and security settin

With more and more people using wechat, the protection and security of wechat account is particularly important. How to set up wechat account protection and security? Check out the account protection and security setting process.

Method / step:

First, open wechat. Click 'I', enter 'Settings', and then enter' account and security '.

1: Set up wechat, bind QQ number, mobile number and email address.

Easy to change password, retrieve password, etc.

2: Turn on account protection.

After account protection is turned on, you need to verify your phone number when you log in to wechat on a mobile phone that you don't use often.

3: Third party software security protection.

Install a mobile phone Butler to reduce risk and improve security.

4: Wechat security center.

If you are unable to log in, want to unseal your account and suspect that you have stolen your account, you can find a solution in the security center.