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How to apply for an individual visa to the United States? What materials do you need to apply for a

Now many people want to apply for visas to travel to the United States or do other things. So what materials do individuals need to prepare to apply for visas in the United States? In fact, it's very simple for individuals to apply for visas in the United States. A small compilation of the list of required materials will be presented to you.

personal data

1. Passport: on the last page, the signature of the holder shall be written in block letters with his Chinese name; the passport shall be valid for at least six months from the date of departure from the United States;

2. (50 mm & times; 50 mm) color white background bareheaded front photos taken in the last 6 months, 2 in total;

3. Both sides should be copied, the content must be clear, and the temporary ID card is invalid;

4. If you are a married person, please provide the home page, the account book of yourself, spouse and children;

5. If you are an unmarried person, please provide the home page and the household register of yourself and the whole family;

Company information

The original English official letter of guarantee issued by the Chinese company;

(indicate a, address, telephone number, fax number and the position of the applicant)

b. Time, purpose and itinerary of planned stay;

d. Who pays for the visit;

e. Guarantee to return to China and print it on the company note with official seal and signature of the leader)

★ copy of business license of Chinese company / copy of organization code certificate (with annual inspection stamp of that year);

Invitation information

One original of the invitation letter sent by the inviting company / friend, detailing the purpose of the visit, the duration of stay in the United States and who will provide all expenses, the passport number and date of birth of the invited person, and the position of the Chinese company.

Other visa information

★ there is no limit to the number of regular or current passbooks (including statements of all kinds of bank cards) under your or your spouse's name. There must be a current passbook under my name.

★ the passbook provided must be opened and frequently used half a year ago (with the deposit and withdrawal records 3 days before the data is provided). Please provide the original of the old passbook or ask the bank to print the deposit and withdrawal records before the exchange within half a year and seal for confirmation.

★ the total balance of all bankbooks should be more than 50000 yuan. The more successful visa application is, the more favorable it is.

★ if your passbook suddenly deposits a large amount of money in the past two months, the visa officer will doubt your source of income.

★ the applicant should be able to provide a bank passbook that can display the monthly salary.

★ real estate license and vehicle driving license

Notice of visa

In order to give you a greater chance of visa success, we suggest that you prepare the following information according to your own situation:

(please type '& Radio;' in □ if provided)

The original passports used or visas from developed countries such as Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

Color photos of landmark buildings in developed countries such as Europe, America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

Property ownership certificate or purchase contract under the name of myself or spouse

Original stock transaction record (indicating market value and capital balance) under the name of the person or spouse (must be sealed by the stock exchange).

□ car driving license under the name of myself or spouse

Copies of investment dividend records such as stock warrants, share purchase contracts, etc.

Business card (business card used in daily work).

The private enterprise may provide the annual tax returns of the enterprise.

Individual income tax form.

In fact, since Locke, a Chinese American, became the ambassador to China, the visa has been very easy. However, it is still difficult for people to get out of the shadow of the visa difficulties of September 11. Many people have been refused visas to Japan, Britain and Canada, but it is very easy to get American visas. It's not terrible to refuse to sign. The United States is a reasonable country. You can sign more than once. From the perspective of visa passing rate, it seems that Shanghai is larger than Beijing.