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Precautions and taboos before and after blood donation

There is a lyric "as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better world.". What this society needs is love. Will you be stingy and give your love in daily life? Do you donate blood? Do you know the precautions before and after blood donation

Precautions before blood donation

1. Do not take medicine before blood donation. For example, taking aspirin will reduce some functions of platelets within three days, so do not take aspirin three days before blood donation.

2. On the day of blood donation, we should eat as usual, but we should not eat high fat or high protein food such as fat meat, fish and fried dough sticks;

3. Do not drink alcohol before blood donation, especially alcohol.

4. Enough sleep, not vigorous exercise. The day before blood donation should be properly rested to ensure adequate sleep.

5. Women should not take part in blood donation for three days before and after menstruation or during pregnancy.

Precautions after blood donation

1. To say no to wine, some people will be extremely excited after blood donation, and they should think their health is very good. At this time, they often invite a few friends to have a drink together. As we all know, drinking is just a taboo after blood donation. Drinking alcohol after blood donation can seriously hurt our body. Drink as much boiled water as possible to promote blood circulation.

2. Pay attention to the protection of the needle mouth to avoid infection. After the blood donation, hold the wound for 3-5 minutes with sterilized cotton. Of course, it can be a little longer. If there is any abnormality, inform the medical staff on site in time. After returning, the wound cannot touch water in a short time.

3. In the short term, we don't recommend staying up late. We must have a good rest. Only in this way can we recover faster.

4. Don't donate blood again in a short period of time. Generally, there will be a recovery period after one blood donation. Because everyone's system is different, the recovery time will be long or short. If you want to donate blood again, Xiaomin suggests that you should donate it half a year or a year later. In this way, it will be relatively good.